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  1. @Farukh Not related to this question? Please open your own thread. Do not go around posting on random threads.
  2. There is a sale sign on both catalog + product page. (The red Sale) Its obvious enough i mean its red. As you can see on the bottom of my screen https://gyazo.com/0ad49dba33cf5575cad25df5706e8e58 Now aswell as quickview. Theres again sale on the right top. As far as product discount table its not suppose to be there. This is quickview. If you want all info on quickview you wouldnt need quickview. I hope this helps 13th
  3. Aanpassing homepage-products

    Hoi, Simpel ga naar Modules -> Geinstalleerde modules. Zoek linklijst... klik op configureer, Rechts onder Nieuw blok. Werkt dit niet reset de module linklijst. Mvg daan Applicatie- en mediaontwikkelaar jaar 2
  4. Rounding Problem

    Hi, Please include link to your website and which version you using? Thanks 13thjoker Trainee IT
  5. Long loadingtime of webshop

    Hi, I have no clue why this happens. Try disabling modules and see if this resolves the issue. It loads all product pictures from every product as far as im aware. Trainee IT Daan
  6. Long loadingtime of webshop

    Hi, Please press f12 or open inspect, go to network. Now press f5 to reload your page. Sadly you have some problem with one of your not original modules. When entering the page you have to load 200+ pictures. Try disabling the non prestashop modules 1 by 1 untill the software works again. Turn 1 off at a time. If this doesnt cause the issue turn it back on. If you need help feel free to PM me. Trainee IT Daan
  7. Move social block to navbar in this template

    Hi, have you tried contacting creators? regards 13th
  8. Prijsregels per klant

    Hoi, Heb je er over gedacht om deze "klanten" toe te voegen aan een groep. Bv. Werknemer. Hierna de prijsregels die je gemaakt hebt vast maken aan de groep werknemer. Mvg 13TH JOKER
  9. How Delete test Orders

    hi, Fgomez, please help us get your version. Log into backend it should list you the version there see my screenshot. https://gyazo.com/3a441c532b6af08d82cf2f2fb61705b0 I hope this gives you enough info to find you prestashop version. Regards 13th joker
  10. medewerker toevoegen

    Hoi Pedro, Dit is simpelweg niet mogelijk. Ik heb al meerdere dingen geprobeerd. Ik heb 2 accounts aangemaakt met andere email. Toen via PHPmyAdmin email omgezet. Toen werkte het alleen voor 1 account, het andere account werd niet herkend. De reden hiervoor is het volgende. Zoals @Adeko.nl al zei dit is het unieke veld. Maar nog veel belangrijker. Stel voor ze gebruiken 4 dezelfde emails. 1tje vergeet het wachtwoord wat dan? Error? De software is er niet voor gemaakt. Dus het beste is om gewoon 4 emails te gebruiken. Je kan dit meestal simpel via je domain provider doen. Regards, 13th joker
  11. Optie "afhalen In Ons Magazijn"

    In backend theme translations. Kan je zoeken vul hier Gratis in. zie afbeelding. https://gyazo.com/00a1df3ce6b2edcd7917103ebbfe911b Als je 1.7 gebruikt is dit niet meer nodig. Er staat dan Naam en dan een stukje tekst en dan de kosten. En bij dat stukje tekst kan je invullen afhalen in de winkel.
  12. Help to edit the theme

    Hi, If you want to change the text you can do that in backend and translate. Your asking a weird question. Be more specific... Regards, 13TH JOKER Application- and mediadeveloper
  13. Have you tried using a brand for this. Not the best solution. But use it untill you create code. Or get someone to make it for you. 13thjoker
  14. Delete 1 product

    Just fixed it. By using $context->cart->updateQty(1, $productid, 0, $customization = false, $operator = 'down');
  15. Delete 1 product

    Hey, nice to see your looking at my question. Now lets begin. Over the course of the past week ive been making some website. Now i've run into an issue. There is no such thing as updateQTY with 76 becaulse then it would add 76 instead of make it 76 so i tried 0 then it set to 0. Is there a way which i can make it or any code which puts the QTY to the exact ammount of my variable. Or maybe even updateQTY - 1 becaulse i have a up an down button but up works perfect but down doesnt please help me fix. Thanks, 13th joker