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  1. Display Price per Quantity

    Hi everybody, I'm working on a new site using Prestashop My shop shipping cart is error.My shop create purchase but my shipping cart is not work,I am click add to cart but it is still loading.And then I want to know display price.My shop display price - 0-999 / 1000-1999 But I want display 0 - 5000 / 5001 - 10000 and other. So that I want to change display price.Somebody help me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can't add products in to cart

    Me too.
  3. Hello i have some problem. My shop order module is can't use add to cart.Why?
  4. add phone number

    Hello I have some question.I want to sign in on add customer phone number.How can I adding phone number?Please can you answer to me.Thank you,sir.