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  1. Emails

    Hi so I updated presta to the newest version, and no emails are been sent nothing even when a client orders something it is not sending please help this is disastrous. I have to spam these links to even see emails sent to the test account email. but even contact us form is coming up with error 1, this has not ben the case before the update, and major work has been done after update please anyone help me fix it and explain the fixing like you would to a 10 year old
  2. move login to category

    Hello everyone, I want to move the login function from the top to the category menu how do I do that ?
  3. Moving search and cart

    Hi, I would like to move the search bar and the cart into the Top navigation bar where the categories are located how do I do this. http://discountedperfumehouse.co.za/
  4. Hello so I have attached a picture, I want to remove the subcategories in the middle, but have the categories on the left to be there Basicaly red block remove, so the products can be on top of the page, and green block to stay there
  5. removing slider and have one image ontop

    can anyone help me regarding this topic, surley cannot be that complicated I just dont want the slider I want one single image ontop
  6. Hello, how do I remove the slider home and make it either an image section or one image across the shop replacing the two images and slider with one image
  7. building test shop then moving it to real shop

    ok so basically copy the database from one side to another and Scully what you mean by DEVELOPMENT enviromentserver
  8. Hi everyone, Im setting up my products and categories in a test shop I have setted up. I want to load all the items on the test shop, and then move over to the real shop via the Import and export function. Question 1 Will it be possible Question 2 Will importing mean that the images comes with, Be advised we talking about 900 items
  9. Middle Column Off

    dude your a freaken rockstar, thank you so much
  10. Middle Column Off

    hey, when you make the screen smaller it shows, so basically when someone uses a cellphone to access the shop, you see the while padding ontop
  11. Middle Column Off

    Hi, I removed the prviousyou said and replaced it with what you gave me now, it still gives the white lines ontop
  12. Middle Column Off

    thank you so much for your reply, But now as you can see on the piture attached, it affects the banner on top, any solution for this
  13. Middle Column Off

    Hi everyone, wondere if you can help me, I have changed the middle background to white with a image at the back please view here http://wickedwebwizard.net/onlineshop/ now I have a problem if you can see the middle content is too far to the left, anyone know where I can edit it