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  1. Hi, so Im having major issues when I click on 1 click upgrade, and I start the process, then it starts to back up. The backup process takes about 7 hours, and at the end everything just fails and the upgrade doesn't occur, Please Prestashop bosses, tell me what to do or a step by step noob friendly how to do something alternative. Currently sitting at version
  2. Hello, I cannot click on any buttons for example trying to change the slider my prestashop version is 1.7.9 and its a fresh install
  3. sorted the error part out, its still just one product display
  4. HI, had the shop for years, and never had problems, now we have problems of only one product showing, please check screenshot, Please help me. I have put the shop currently in maintenance mode hoping someone will come by and say OI here's your problem here's how you fix it.
  5. Dude your a legend, Figured what was wrong It was a memory issue and after some digging this worked for me to fix it
  6. Hello, On Saturday we could still add products, come Monday we can no longer add products, there is not even a save button, we cannot click add image button as well, its like it totally went dead Even duplicating, cannot change anything on duplicated product. and no fancy text bar in summary anymore Please help.
  7. Razi, Thank you so much, it's working now. Thank you so much.
  8. Hey Razi, thank you so much for your response, unfortunately that did not do anything. oh and another problem is, the online only is like a product down, check the picture
  9. Hey, can someone tell me why there is a alignment problem with "online only" button. Please check screenshot.
  10. how do I get rid of the padding indicated in red Version
  11. I'm trying to add stores link to the top of the Top Nav, I have come so far as to add it via hooks, but it looks ugly as hell, can anyone help me make it look normal or atleast a button type of effect Thank you
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