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  1. I need to show text, no image. Banner is displayed too.
  2. How to display some text (announcement) to all pages? I use Prestashop 1.6. Thank for your help.
  3. Prosím o pomoc pri riešení problému zobrazenia textu na všetkých stránkach. Potreboval by som aby sa mi určitý text (oznam) zobrazoval na každej stránek e-shopu. Používam Prestu 1.6. Ďakujem
  4. On dashboard page switch Demo mode off.
  5. Vpravo je ešte tlačidlo Expert mod. Klikni na neho a z rozbaľovacieho menu vyber Major verzia, namiesto Minor verzia. Potom bude v ponuke aj verzia 1.6
  6. Nič prenášať nebude potrebné. Obsah databázy sa nezmeni. Upravi sa len štruktúra databázy. Všetky položky v databáze zostanu neporušené a budu dostupné vo verzii 1.6
  7. Každa verzia má inu štruktúru databázy. Jednoducho to takto nespraviš. Najlepši cesta je upgrade na verziu 1.5 a potom na 1.6. Pri upgrade sa vykoná aj uprava štruktúry databázy.
  8. Prestashop ver. Module gsitemap I stopped working. Can not uninstall or reset. To reset display this error messages. A few days ago worked fine. I do not know what happened. Gsitemap module version is 2.3.6. Does anyone advise me what the problem is? Many thank for reply.
  9. I have version 1.6 installed only on localhost and displays it correctly. CSS file you can find via firebug or via dragonfly. And what is your URL?
  10. And who determines what is the trend? You can wear clothes that you do not like just because they are trendy? This theme is really terrible.
  11. I accept your opinion. 3 column today wants a lot of traders. Today consider to be modern, in turn, do not like me. I've seen a lot of "modern" stores that I did not like. On these pages never spend more than three seconds.
  12. Oh, every contribution is a link to my shop. Just open your eyes.
  13. Version 1.5. is absolutely stable? In version 1.5 till today not work correctly module blockcard. In any version 1.5.xx this error has been corrected. Do not believe? Please see here. www.modelkit.sk/new_shop Each version which you released as stable was full of errors. Check out the forum where people write about it. This is not my fiction. Forum is a lot of evidence about. And gitbub, what is it? Some chaos in which the only significant programmers. Github does not help ordinary people. Each bug should be fixed in the next update and not on GitHub. Since you started using github, change tracking is much more complicated and even impossible for someone. I'm not angry at all pretty, or successful. But version 1.6 is all, just not nice. A successful is about as Windows 2003. Version 1.6 me really upset and in such form as it is now it certainly will not use. This version is absolutely ill conceived. That you have created is a not modern shop. Maybe I would be willing to switch to version 1.5, but for poorly functioning blockcard staying at version 1.4 which is the most successful.
  14. Do not lie people !!!. Version 1.6 is full of errors. A lot of people shop destroyed by updated to version 1.6
  15. No, i use only Opera browser. I do not use other browsers.
  16. Language pack is my own, exported from 1.5. Problem is not with import file, but after clicking on button "Add file" window on select file is not open. I used exclusively Opera browser.
  17. This version will be free from defects maybe a year. (version 1.5 still does not work properly blockcard module) This is about what the customer gets design. Can there be any revolutionary technology of the world, if it can not be seen. It's just a disaster.
  18. Try to install it on localhost, and passes you taste to 1.6
  19. This page style is not like anyone. I personally do not even like it. Images in the preview goods are unnecessarily big as horses . It's not pretty . Top menu is disadvantageous because when you expand over the top of the page. With a large number of categories top menu or is not appropriate . Category must appear immediately on the home page , not to the customer is looking for . If, within 2-3 seconds customers do not know where to click , goes away . Most bothers me most awfully large images of the goods . Big does not mean modern . Footer is also unnecessarily large and wide . This customer care. Image slider on the home page is dominant , and not the goods offered . This is not a theater , but business . In stores where there are more ads than goods , even I do not purchase a series . Classic look of trade , as in version 1.5 is much, much nicer and more acceptable to customers . Also, the font used in version 1.6 does not display accented characters correctly . ( Slovak language ) . In one word, there are two fonts . Prestashop using fonts and font replaced with accents. From version 1.6 I was expecting more , unfortunately I am very disappointed .T
  20. Now I see no reason to upgrade to version 1.6. Only if someone wanted to produce a lot of problems. The risk of loss is big business functionality. Not out yet nor capable of themes. I think the 1.6 will not upgrade ever. Somehow I is not sympathetic.
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