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  1. Nada there I checked. Maybe they are not saved.
  2. So I had a dozen messages, but they disappeared as soon as I clicked on one of them. Where are the stored? It says I have a number of 37 messages, but I don't know where to find them. Thank you!
  3. Ok, so the issue is old as mammoth's tusks. I have followed all possible instructions but still can not get into my store. First of all I don't know why there in no colon for password, and also I do not have "MD-5". I attach the screenshots. Where should I move? Thank you!
  4. 1. I surely won't ask if I didn't search for solution. 2. Let's all agree that presta is a buggy system. Read some reviews on the net. I scarcely doubt that all of them were bribed. The strategy is Do a buggy system and the rip off people for support, that is in fact non-existent, based on multiple reviews. 3. Kidding? Of course I am incompetent! That why I chose Prestashop. I avoided to do big changes because I don't have the tech. abilities. But it was nowhere accentuated that prestashop does require a lot of tech. knowledge. Do you understand that through presta people searched just for an solution that would help them offer their services without going in too much tech. details 4. LOL I laugh at how slow are the answers to topics that require actual help are. And how fast are people to defend when someone says something against the platform. Hmm sounds fishy! 5. Too many newbies that look like gurus, pointing at my incompetence, that by the way I don't deny. Usually newbies ask questions about how this and that work. Again fishy! Finally, showing the friendliness of community and proving once again my point. You didn't offer a solution, you just called me incompetent, sent me to look through topics with solutions that I've already seen and tested and told me to upgrade. No thanks, I don't want to get in some other bugs. And I don't think updating will solve the problem.
  5. So the product doesn't update in front office. I cleared the cash, did other rituals, even jump through fire loops. Doesn't work. Neither in Firefox, neither in Chromium. Version Not hoping anyone will answer, just complaining. Jeez what a buggy platform presta is, if I'd ever knew. Dreaming of getting some cash and move to something else. It's just insane. I've lost so much time on it. UPDATE! Was able to solve it. Seems it was a cashing problem. I will say all I did, and what actually work. So my problem was the description update showed in back office, but didn't update in front office. 1, Force compilation in Advanced Parameters (Perfomance) Even cleared it manually 2. Toggled all the Disable non PrestaShop modules Disable all overrides and Smart Cache 3. Toggled the Friendly URL in SEO & URLS 4. Replace the file AdminProductsController.php with a default one 5. Refresh the .htaccess Somehow it worked. Sorry I am not a technician. I just tested everything that could possibly work. Meanwhile found out about thirtybees, that is based on PS version 1.6 and it is said it had fixed 2000 bugs. Didn't try, so don't know. But that's a short period solution. I think will reconsider another platform in future.
  6. Thanks for confirming what I thought. I had a feeling I am repeating the same thing in short and long description, that why I wanted to know if it going to help with SEO, or give more exposure, or I can just get rid of one of them.
  7. I can't believe it's your first post. Don't tell me you registered on this forum, just to answer this. I feel so honored. Please, go and play smart somewhere else.
  8. That might sound like a silly question, but what are you supposed to write in short description and description, that is given on product page? Does it help with anything (like Seo and stuff), or you can just get rid of one of them. I just have a feeling I am repeating myself.
  9. Hello, I know the topic is not new. It was said that chrome doesn't save changes in products, and I was advised to switch to firefox. However firefox doesn't save them as well.
  10. Hey, maybe I will be able to help. What is exactly the problem
  11. Reverting to original will be too much time consuming. I'd prefer something more to the point.
  12. Thank you I have solved this issue on my own long ago. It can be closed. It was just a stupid mistake of the sizing that was solved after adjusting it in BO
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