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  1. Yes, I did, but those shouldn't have anything to do with the sender name, or am I wrong?
  2. Hi, I'm using PS in version on a webshop. When the orderconfirmation is sent to the customer, the sender-name is always show as the shops email address instead of the shopname. I've made a couple of changes in the Mail.php class file, forcing the $from_name to a specific value, but without any luck. Any one else tried this?
  3. Der findes et gratis modul som Tim Petersson har lavet, der bl.a. kan bruges med Mailchimp. Du finder det på https://www.prestatips.dk/free-mailchimp-prestashop-module-with-slidein-feature/
  4. Hi, Anyone made a port of the default theme from PS 1.7, to make it work with PS 1.6? /Kurt
  5. Your download link on your homepage returns an 404-error
  6. Yes, I'm getting all other mails just fine. I'm using an external smtp-server (Mailjet)
  7. Even though this is an old thread, I'm having the exact same problem, with two Prestashop 1.6 shops. Any suggestions for a solution.
  8. Der er en git på Github omkring det: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/bcbec89864562bcd839d479d5684c966bf90b0f5
  9. Det skyldes at du skal omkranse din kode med {literal}Google-kode{/literal}, da Smarty, som bruges i Prestashops templates ellers prøver at fortolke det.
  10. Sorry, I misunderstood your answer. Thank you very much for your answer.
  11. But if I create two rules with the same code, but different amount limits, I get an error-message saying that I cannot create the second rule, because another rule with the same code already exists.
  12. I need to be able to give a discount to my customers, if their order exceeds a certain amount and they have entered a voucher-code. The discount is 30% if the customer buys for 500 DKK. and 50% if they buy for 1.500 DKK. but all with the same voucher-code Is it possible to use the same voucher-code for multiple vouchers or is there another way of achieving this?
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