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  1. Decimal Problem

    I just open performance and general page. If you need to check more, please let me know. Since there is no response, i removed the login information, thanks Jimmy
  2. Decimal Problem

    Here is the shop I am working on. www.apetsco.com.hk It really get me crazy. the total value is rounded value in PS, but when throws to paypal is unrounded value. It is my tested setting 1/. round on each item + roundup away from zero (recommended) + number decimal 0 2/. round on each item + roundup to nearest value + number decimal 0 Please kindly help thanks Jimmy
  3. Decimal Problem

    Hi, Is the decimal problem fixed in latest version? I am using PS I know there is workaround to adjust it in cldr file. However, when the amount throws to paypal module, the decimal appears again. So I want to have completely no decimal amount in PS and Paypal module. Can anyone help? thanks Jimmy