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  1. Problem: Product page left column. If I select a two column layout in the page-layout-selector of the template and clear the cache afterwards the settings gone as well. I don't have a problem to change the code just wondering if this is intentional.
  2. {if !$category->id && ($node.id==$category.id_parent || $node.id==$category.id)} If anyone needs this - not the most elegant solution but it works. At least with one sub category. A little more context: (If you don't know where to add this line) If not already there create a folder named 'ps_categorytree' in your_theme -> modules folder. Now create the folders as follows views -> templates -> hook Go to your root modules folder -> modules -> ps_categorytree follow the path above and copy the ps_categorytree.tpl into your created hook folder. Now add / replace after {if $node.children} till {categories nodes=$node.children depth=$depth+1} (not included in the replace) {if !$category->id && ($node.id==$category.id_parent || $node.id==$category.id)} <div class="navbar-toggler collapse-icons" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}" aria-expanded="true"> <i class="material-icons add"></i> <i class="material-icons remove"></i> </div> <div class="collapse in" id="exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}"> {else} <div class="navbar-toggler collapse-icons" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}" aria-expanded="false"> <i class="material-icons add"></i> <i class="material-icons remove"></i> </div> <div class="collapse" id="exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}"> {/if} and you are done. Parent categories should now expand if you are in a sub category.
  3. The goal is quite simple: Only expand the current category. Problem: I overwrite the module-file ps_categorytree.tpl in the theme. {if $node.id==$category.id_parent || $node.id==$category.id} That works as is, but I ran into a problem. I have another module that adds an extra node at the end of the categories. Shop Cat 1 + (signals that there are sub categories) Cat 2 + Cat 3 Cat from Module When I click on the "Cat from Module" smarty breaks on the first + Shop Cat 1 (it breaks here because it has no an issue with $category.id_parent)When I use an extra isset($category) in the if above it makes no difference and an isset($category.id_parent) throws an internal error... Any suggestions?
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