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  1. This is probably the most confusing tutorial I have ever read. Can you explain please, exactly what code goes where becasue the way this was explained made it even more confusing to understand.
  2. Don't get me wrong, Prestashop is a lovely CMS but I find over the last few months it's gone from crashing out entirely to giving access denied to pages section in design for no reason at all, template changes disappearing and module installations causing major unrecoverable problems. I currently have a theme.css file I spend ages modifying and it now is not working so I have found myself having to literally start all over again....AGAIN and again. Prestashop is the version I preferred because it's less shit than But the amount of badly developed and over priced modules out there is unreal imho. Literally every change to the site including module installs has to be done on a test server first before it can be trusted, it should be trustworthy from the time you pay for it. For what it is, it should be better developed in my opinion.
  3. I decided today, having messed around with prestashop's different versions over the past two months, that I would dump it completely and even recommend my own clients stay the hell away from it. At first glance, prestashop looks impressive but then as you go into configurations, customizations, modules installs, themes etc you get to see how backwards and badly developed it really is, and most definately not worth it's salt The slightest error can send prestashop into a spiral of errors, some more often than not unrecoverable requiring a full clean reinstall and a loss of hours upon hours of work. Modules, if developed by anyone with a brain, would be made backward compatible, meaning newer versions of PS should be able to take older modules that were paid for, themes should be directly editable even for the newbie, but instead PS is an unstable mess, featuring overpriced modules that in alot of cases cause more problems than they're worth. For no reason, in design, pages links to an "access Denied" warning that cannot be fixed because even the developers don't seem to know why and it's frustrating to work with. With all it's errors, instability, crashes, lack of true customisability, prestashop is nothing more than a big pile of irritating to work with shite. Too many things go wrong with it too often and it's not one for the collection. Whether you're a newbie, or a seasoned web designer, I would personally recommend that you place Prestashop where it belongs, in the recycle bin.
  4. I think it's time to throw in the towel with prestashop, it's been one problem after another and done nothing but suck money out of my pocket for no return. It's probably one of the worst systems around for instability and there's no way we could trust it now. Time to start filing charge-backs I think. Thanks for your responses anyways.
  5. Sorry corerction my version is and DEV mode gives me nothing
  6. I am using version I didn't bother to upgrade it because my purchased modules will not all work on the newer version. Honestly I have no idea what happened, it was fine one day and locked me out the next for no apparent reason. I'll give DEV mode a try and see what happens
  7. Nobody got anything on this? Would seem a shame to dump prestashop after all this work.
  8. I have recently run into a strange issue, after logging in to the back end of my prestashop, I tried to edit the Pages section in design settings and am getting Access Denied error, Now, I have checked and I DO have Super Admin level, I tried various database fixes to no avail and my head is now wrecked trying to fix it. Can anyone please help me figure this out, if I can't fix this I am looking at rebuilding my whole site and if that happens I don't think it will be prestashop because I've been running into too many problems with it. Any help you guys could give me would be deeply appreciated.
  9. I spent weeks changing my theme.css files and other files so I could make my site look just the wya I wanted, but today i've logged in for the first time in about a week and noticed ALL of the changes I made to my theme.css files have reverted back to their original. Does anyone out there know why this could have happened? I am the ONLY one with access to the back end of my shop, and the only one with access to my server files.
  10. Thanks for that, unfortunately that price with it's taxes etcmakes this addon a future dream for me. I am doing everything here with a budget of zero
  11. Not too hot on this one, it's a nice layout granted, similar to my own personal one, but I find alot of layour problems especially with header and footer.
  12. I am working on the final part of my online store before adding the last of my products. Here are my questions: 1. How do I edit registration fields for addresses - as some are not relevent to where I live 2. How can I place a "Sign Up" link in my header where the sign in link is. 3. How do I add a confirm password field 4. How do I make certain fields mandatory in addresses 5. How do I add an email verification to activate account I am a few years out of practice with my coding and a total newbie to prestashop, though I am finding my way around I am struggling with these issues because many changes I have made have ended me up with blank page website after changes and I have had ot restore the original file several times. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP A WEB-SPASTIC OUT HERE! LOL.
  13. That's great to know, there aren't many free modules out there and some are quite expensive. I'm quite out of date with my coding skills but who knows, with a bit pf refreshing I might get to making modules myself at some point. One hting that does bug me about prestashop is the theme layouts, example, if I want three columns full width of the page it's alot of messing around.
  14. It's a pain in the butt, I can stil lsee the squashed dropdown even with google chrome, firefox etc. I'm gonna do a full clen out of this pc and look again.
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