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  1. Hello everyone, I have gone over pretty much many modules within and outside of prestashop.com . Picking a module to go with is very hard to determine from the outside looking in. I was hopeing that perhaps you all can inform me on the best dropshipping modules that you know by knowledge. (built nicely and not just thrown together). I would need it to atleast handle most or all of the following, and more if possible: -multiple suppliers -multiple carriers -returns -email or ftp new orders in required format/ file type -fully automated -user friendly administrative system -seperate admin/sub admin logins please provide links to them. Thank you all.
  2. Bump, the returns module would be nice to work with a good dropshipping module that most people would recommend, if there is not a good dropshipping module that includes returns already on market. I need something that can be used professionally. the returns part would be nice if at least partially automated if not fully (i know some interaction is needed for accepting returns). I understand the whole returns process, although automated rma communication from customer to my store to the supplier would be appreciated. I already have a busy job, so i do not have much time left during the day. (i want to keep working too) Someone messaged me about creating a module for me for a price, which sounds nice, if they are a licensed developer. Any guidance/ preferences would be appreciated.
  3. Hello, I am trying to find a solution for a nice module that handles returns processes for the individual dropshippers. If possible I would love to have close to an automated returns setup (i know it cannot fully be automated). Hopefully something that can do most of the process (emailing the dropshipper for the rma etc) I am new, and wish to get started with a small business. It is not easy to research the returns subject when it comes to returns for a dropshipping store. Any suggestions or leads in this category is greatly appreciated. Cost is not a problem as long as the module is what i will need. Thank you very much for any advice/help.
  4. Hello, much appreciation for any help. I know a fair amount for the drop shippers returns process, but I am trying to find at least close to an automated solution. Is there perhaps a drop shipping module that also handles the drop shipper returns as well? If not, is there a separate module that will handle the drop shipper automated returns? Atleast, is there a known solution for this? Google is not my friend in finding this piece of information since the terms "returns" "drop shipping" and "prestashop" do not combine at all.
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