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  1. That doesn't change how they are displayed in the front office
  2. where do I set how categories are sorted?
  3. Musicmaster - I did move my mouse over the position number when on the category page - the mouse does not change to a cross. I am on Prestashop Also - I have been reading a lot of posts on the forum about how product URL's are created in this version - would you know how to remove the attribute ID's and names from these URL's? I am coming from a 1.6 shop and this was not a problem? Thank you for any help you can provide.
  4. Just starting using 1.7.7 - does anyone know how to change the order of categories/subcategories in this version? Thank you
  5. Any suggestions at places to research for a new Prestashop 1.7 theme? One built on the latest version of Prestashop 1.7? Currently running a 1.6 site and it's time to upgrade! Many Thanks!
  6. Musicmaster - looks like I will be installing a new 1.7 template on my hosting server as I've arranged for a "sandbox" with them. When this is set up can I backup my 1.6 shop with the supplied backup in the admin panel and then restore that backup (.sql file) into the new 1.7 shop?
  7. Musicmaster - it's an understatement to just say thanks for your input but that's also I can offer for now - so thanks so much for your input! I will keep you in mind once I get the new site built for the data transfer. I was just looking at some possible 1.7 themes to purchase on Template Monster. Might you have a recommendation other than Template Monster for this search? Thanks again!
  8. I currently have a Prestashop site up and running with a theme I purchased from Template Monster. We are currently looking to upgrade to a new theme that supports Prestashop 1.7. Some questions: 1 - I would like to install 1.7 and the new theme on my local Windows 10 PC and do all the setup and development offline. Can this be done and where do I start? 2 - If I build this site on a Windows PC will there be any issues when I upload it to our web hosting provider whose server is Apache/Linux? 3 - How would I transfer the most current data from our 1.6 site to our new 1.7 site when I'm ready to go live? Thanks to all who can provide some guidance
  9. I am currently running Prestashop utilizing Bluehost as my hosting company. I will be looking to upgrade Prestashop to 1.7 and also purchase a new theme that is compatible with this version. I would like to hear everyone's recommendation for a hosting company that is best for hosting a Prestashop site. I will be upgrading to a dedicated hosting server from our current Bluehost shared server. Thanks to all!
  10. My shop will only calculate sales tax on orders shipped to the one tax rule that is assigned to each product (running Prestashop
  11. TheForager - I changed all my tax rules to apply to the entire US instead of just NY. Same results - I only get tax calculated if I ship a product to the tax rule assigned to that product. Have you ever been able to get tax calculated when shipping to other zip codes than the one assigned to each product?
  12. TheForager - thank you for the reply. I'm going to try the change to applying the zip code ranges to the entire US versus just NY. I agree that seems weird.
  13. Does it calculate for different ship to zip codes? If yes - how did you get it to work?
  14. I am unable to get Prestashop ( to calculate sales tax (we only tax New York state shipping addresses) for other than the one tax rule assigned to each product (if the product is shipped to the zip code assigned to that tax rule). Is anyone aware of an add on sales tax module I can purchase to replace the standard Prestashop one? Thank you!
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