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  1. Hello, Is there anyone here that know`s how can I change the view on mobile of the products? I want to show 2 or maybe 3 products on a row on mobile view. I was reading all the topics on the forum but I cant find anything related to version 1.7.x.x. I don't know what files do I need to modify and how to modify. Can someone please guide me !? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys, I was working on a classic theme on prestashop and I have no clue of what I did but now my header is displayed wrong. Could someone of you help me? I am a newbie. Image attached - or you could check www.generalintermed.ro Many thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Please help me with the following thing: I am using classic prestashop theme (1.7.2) and all I want is to modify the mobile grid view on the phone. Right now it's showing me 1 product per row and I want to put 2 products on a row, i am interested to do these modifies on the main page and on product list for mobile users. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I have recently installed Prestashop 1.7.2 and I want to create an online shop based on my own ERP System. I heard that this is possible to integrate ERP Softwares with Prestashop to automatize the workflow. Is there any quick guide that shows me how to do it? Or do I need a module? Any hints, please? Thank you!
  5. Hello, I have installed recently Prestashop and I found a bug. I have attached a few pictures of the bugs that I found. Can anyone help me fix these bugs? Thank you
  6. Hi Guys, I have an issue with my Prestashop theme, I am using the classic theme and I've tried to configure it in the back office. I almost setup my theme and I've added a few products to the store to make a test but everytime I try to add to cart a product it gives me a SUCCESS message but the quantity is always 0. Basicaly it allows me to add to cart the products but with 0 quantity. Can anyone here help me how to fix this, please? [pics attached]
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