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  1. Someone? Something? After changing prduct-presenter.tpl to this (removed 'if'): {if $product.show_price} <div class="product-prices"> {block name='product_discount'} {*if $product.has_discount*} <div class="product-discount"> {hook h='displayProductPriceBlock' product=$product type="old_price"} <span class="regular-price">{$product.regular_price}</span> </div> {*/if*} {/block} Result: 563,20 zł 563,20 zł netto 692,74 brutto So there is: Discounted price Discounted price Discounted price with tax Crossed out should be regular price without tax. Changing {$product.regular_price} to other variables shows nothing. Trying to change things in ProductPresenter.php but no luck Best regards!
  2. Hi! Does anyone know how to show a discount value when I'm setting it for client groups? For example how to edit ProductPresenter.php to show flags: private function addFlags( array $presentedProduct, ProductPresentationSettings $settings, array $product ) { $flags = array(); $show_price = $this->shouldShowPrice($settings, $product); if ($show_price && $product['online_only']) { $flags['online-only'] = array( 'type' => 'online-only', 'label' => $this->translator->trans('Online only', array(), 'Shop.Theme.Catalog'), ); } if ($show_price && $product['on_sale'] && !$settings->catalog_mode) { $flags['on-sale'] = array( 'type' => 'on-sale', 'label' => $this->translator->trans('On sale!', array(), 'Shop.Theme.Catalog'), ); } if ($show_price && $product['reduction'] && !$settings->catalog_mode && !$product['on_sale']) { $flags['discount'] = array( 'type' => 'discount', 'label' => $this->translator->trans('Reduced price', array(), 'Shop.Theme.Catalog'), ); } if ($product['new']) { $flags['new'] = array( 'type' => 'new', 'label' => $this->translator->trans('New', array(), 'Shop.Theme.Catalog'), ); } if ($product['pack']) { $flags['pack'] = array( 'type' => 'pack', 'label' => $this->translator->trans('Pack', array(), 'Shop.Theme.Catalog'), ); } $presentedProduct['flags'] = $flags; return $presentedProduct; } Let's modify nw: if ($show_price && $product['reduction'] && !$settings->catalog_mode && !$product['on_sale']) { $flags['discount'] = array( 'type' => 'discount', 'label' => $this->translator->trans('Reduced price', array(), 'Shop.Theme.Catalog'), $product['reduction'] - here we could write discount from client group... but I don't know the variable name.... Same situation with: 'type' => 'discount' - can I replace it with client group doscount?
  3. Hi! I'm trying to modify prices shown in cart detailed. Now it looks like this: Total price incl. tax (shippment excl.) Shippment with tax ---------------------- Total price without tax (shippment incl.) Total tax (shippment incl.) Now, what I'm trying to do: Total price without tax (without shippment - only products) Shippment without tax (I know where to change it: cart.php:3155 'total_price_with_tax' changing to 'total_price_without_tax') --------------------------------------------------- Total with tax (with shippment) Total tax (with shippment) I'm making changes in cart-detailed-totals.tpl but I can't make it works. Mostly nothing hanges after modyfing variables. The only change I can make is swithing places of the prices. By the way: why I cannot add any variables from cart.php? for example trying to show $total_products_wt and it shows 0. <div class="cart-summary-line"> <small class="label">{"Suma brutto"}</small> <small class="value">{$total_products_wt}</small> </div> My cart-detailed-totals.tpl {block name='cart_detailed_totals'} <div class="cart-detailed-totals"> <span class=h3 style="font-weight: bold; display: inline-block; margin-top: 0px;">{"Podsumowanie"}</span> <div class="card-block"> {foreach from=$cart.subtotals item="subtotal"} {if $subtotal.value && $subtotal.type !== 'tax'} <div class="cart-summary-line" id="cart-subtotal-{$subtotal.type}"> <span class="label{if 'products' === $subtotal.type} js-subtotal{/if}"> {if 'products' == $subtotal.type} Cena za {$cart.summary_string} brutto {else} {$subtotal.label} brutto {/if} </span> <span class="value">{$subtotal.value}</span> {if $subtotal.type === 'shipping'} <div><small class="value">{hook h='displayCheckoutSubtotalDetails' subtotal=$subtotal}</small></div> {/if} </div> {/if} {/foreach} <hr> <div class="card-block" style="margin-top: 20px"> <div class="cart-summary-line cart-total"> <span class="label">{"Razem netto"}</span> <span class="value">{$cart.totals.total.value}</span> </div> <div class="cart-summary-line"> <small class="label">{"VAT 23%"}</small> <small class="value">{$cart.subtotals.tax.value}</small> </div> <div class="cart-summary-line"> <small class="label">{"Suma brutto"}</small> <small class="value">{$total_discounts_tax_exc}</small> </div> </div> <hr>
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