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  1. Thanks. That helped a lot, however, is there a way to add a field so I can have a field for pounds and another field for ounces? If not, no big deal, I can just have all of my products weigh in ounces.
  2. I want to have it set up so when I get to the tab where I enter my shipping information in, I want the weight to be in pounds and ounces instead of kilograms. Here's a picture to give you an idea. I'm using PS
  3. I was hoping I could go to Prestashop 1.6 from 1.7. I find that the module list is very limited in 1.7 and I think I'd like 1.6 better. Are there any downsides to 1.6? I see that there's an option to import and export products. Is that what I use to move all my products to the 1.6 store?
  4. I understand where you're coming from. Currently, all US customers get free shipping. The "email for shipping quote" is for overseas customers. I haven't figured out how set prices for international shipping on Prestashop yet.
  5. I want to run a sale for every item in my store that's $200 and up? I can't figure out how to do it, if it's possible.
  6. Anybody have any suggestions? Is it possible to do without having to do any coding?
  7. I'd appreciate any feedback and input I can get. I used PrestaShop 1.7. http://www.teresarocks.com/store
  8. I started a sale that is supposed to end at midnight tonight and I was able to successfully set it up, but I have no clue as to what timezone my shop is in. I don't know if it will end at midnight my time or London-time. How do I set it up so that my shop's times are set in CST?
  9. I didn't know I had to do that everytime I added new products Thanks!! BTW, i'm using 1.7
  10. I sell minerals on my website and I never noticed until today that the "search" feature doesn't work properly. My website is http://teresarocks.com/store I have several specimens of Galena in my store and when I add each specimen to the website I ALWAYS make sure I have all the search keywords that I need to have in my "tags" under the "options" tab. When I went to search for Galena in my store, it only yielded one result. So i went back to all my products in back office and went to edit several "galena" specimens, and each and every single one has "galena" in the tags. So I'm lost and could definitely use some help. Thanks.
  11. I subscribed to the newsletter on my website with my alternate email. I finally figured out that in order for me to see the e-mail addresses of all the people that subscribe to my newsletter, I have to download the Newsletter module by PrestaShop. Well I did that and went to configure and clicked on export CSV file, but it doesn't do anything. It just reloads the page and that's it. It doesn't download an Excel file like it should. Any suggestions?
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