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  1. Hello, Most of my orders are shown like this: URL:.../?id_order=226 I would like to know how to encrypt the order id - in our case the 226 - and show only a long string as in encryption which file to edit? any help is really highly appreciated Thank you
  2. Hi, I would like to ask since there is a new version of PS ( I'm currently using and I'm happy with it currently, If I want to keep this version what would be the consequences? I have read previously that it is concerned with Suppliers/Manufacturer/Prices leak which I'm not using at all. I need strong reason to do the update because it's really a huge pain in the ass as everything must be re-updated including the theme. Thank you
  3. How to update a module manually

    Thank you I will try that
  4. Hello, I'm using a purchased module, for the first time I only have to upload it and it is installed. Few months later, the developer released a new update and I would like to know how to upgrade to that new version manually? Thank you
  5. PS smart cache

    I fixed it guys I had to update jquery to latest version 3.2
  6. PS smart cache

    Another situation, I have cloned my actual server from hosting provider, and I got javascript and css smart cache turned On and I don't see a single glitch!!! How can you explain this, I'm surprised honestly
  7. PS smart cache

    I'm using PS with a purchased template. and I'm using PS in wamp server with same template, I don't see the issue with it when I enable js and css smart cache.
  8. PS smart cache

    Hi, Seriously I'm about to get insane, I'm pulling my hair, I have enabled smart cache for css and JavaScript then my front end got messed up completely. Why such issue happen and how to fix it?
  9. Buyer order file location

    I've done a small test, I added a function to return a "hello world" but doesn't appear in buyer's order detail public function mytestfunction() { $test = "hello World"; return $test; } I'm editing, OrderDetailController.php is it the one I should Edit or other file? I'm using PS
  10. Buyer order file location

    I would like to display information of seller name in buyer's order detail page: /** * Display Sold by with seller name and their profile link on product detail page just below of price. * * @return html */ public function hookDisplayProductButtons() { $idProduct = Tools::getValue('id_product'); if (WkMpSellerProduct::getSellerProductByPsIdProduct($idProduct)) { if (Configuration::get('WK_MP_SHOW_SELLER_DETAILS')) { $this->context->smarty->assign('showDetail', Configuration::get('WK_MP_SHOW_SELLER_DETAILS')); } $this->hookActionFrontControllerSetMedia(); return $this->fetch('module:marketplace/views/templates/hook/mp_soldby.tpl'); } } Not sure how to link this code with buyer's order detail
  11. Hide category while accessing it viaURL

    anyone smarter here? I need your help guys
  12. Hide order until status change

    Hello guys, it's me again, what I'm trying is to use some sort of script, where it checks for the status and decide either to disable the 'click' on it or not, how to do that?
  13. Buyer order file location

    Hello I mean, 'Order History and Detail' part, take a look at the screenshot
  14. Hello, How can I hide orders from buyer account until their status are changed to a specific status by admin?
  15. Buyer order file location

    Hello, I would like to know the file location of buyer order detail, and how can I call an external function from another file in another module? Thanks