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  1. Dear, Was there already a solution for the problem that I only see: <div> <div class="QapTcha"></div> </div> I use Prestashop and get alot of spam. I really would like to use your module! I read this topic twies, but I don't get the slide visable on my store. (I use default theme) Thank you in advance! Kind regards, The Netherlands
  2. Dear Prestaforum, I've got a online presta store. It works fire in GC and FF but when I use my Microsoft Edge there is a big problem. When I push the Add to cart button, the product is not going to the shopping cart. It remains empty and people can't but products.. I already disabled the Ajax module and it does not help. My store (plz keep the spaces) www.wi et pi jp.nl I searched many many topics about this problem (many people has it) but there is no solution for me. Please who can help me with this big problem!? Kind regards, Jordi
  3. thank you for the module. We are going to discuss with the company if we are going to but it. Thanks for the post!
  4. Thank you for the awnser. Is it also posible to add stand-alone products to this module. that only these products showed in the shoppingcart page?
  5. Dear Presta users, We got a store where we sell Zippo lighters. We had a old customshop where the customers where able to buy Lighter fluid after the visit the shoppingcart, but befor the payment method. Is there a free or payed module what makes that posible. I don't know how to explain this better in English. 'Discounted products at the checkout' I hope you all understand me (or know the english word for it) And also if this module exists. It makes people buy some small products at the checkout proces like: zippo fluid/batteries/zippo wicks Because it is at the checkout page, people see it fully on their screen, what makes the chance bigger the buy the small products. Looking forward to your help! Kind regards, Jordi
  6. Ahhh I also needed to clear my own browser? Not just the presta cache?? Now it is gone! thank you so much for the straight to the point fix.
  7. Thank you for the help! But when I delete this line in the file: product-list.tpl <p class="product-desc" itemprop="description"> {$product.description_short|strip_tags:'UTF-8'|truncate:360:'...'} </p> And I clear the cache, go to my frontpage. The product description is still there in the source code. I use the default free template* This is my store, plz keep the spaces: www.siga retten doos je.nl So there must be a other file that has effect on the front populair/new products?
  8. Dear Members, I've got a prestashop 1.6 and was working with my page SEO. I found out that the boxes on the frontpage those with featured / new / populair products not only contains a title/image/price. But there is also a description in my source code. When I look at the page source the div with the product description is called: <p class="product-desc" itemprop="description"> But I can't find the right files to delete this row to make my front page SEO more clean. I was searching in this file, but could not find it: modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.php Does anyone knows the awnser?? It will help me alot! Kind regards, Jordi