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  1. I'm not sure if this is new, or if I'm just noticing it for the first time, but I get an SSL warning when you go into checkout mode and switch to SSL in IE. FireFox doesn't generate the error. Running 1.2.5 www.outdoorstore.ch Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cory
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for help with defining all the steps necessary to create a replica of my live site and make a test environment. This much I know: 1) Create a copy of the DB and give it a new name (i.e. prestashop_dev) 2) Copy all files from live site to the directory of the new website domain (i.e. from www.myshop.com to www.mytestingshop.com) 3) Change the /config/settings.inc.php file to point to the new test DB (The copy from step one) That's as far as I've thought it through. Can someone please elaborate? Cory www.OutdoorStore.ch
  3. Ah, just figured something out. It only displays when BOTH the "Displayed text when in-stock:" and the "Displayed text when allowed to be back-ordered:" Dumb, but oh well - Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  4. That is how I'm trying to use it too .... but it's not displayed on the product detail page / also not displayed when the customer goes through checkout. ??? Where does it show up? - I'm on version 1.2.5 - Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  5. Do let me know if you get it too work. Because I opened up footer.tpl, and it still seems to me like it's going to be more complicated than the short response you got in french ... THX!
  6. Yeah, I think you're right. I can see how that might be the problem. I looked into seeing if I could move it ... but it's beyond my limited php skill set. Can any of you pro's out there help us out? -Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  7. Hi all I'm having a problem with Google Analytics. It is only recording around half of my conversions (orders). Anyone else having similar problems? - Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  8. Thanks! The display order makes a lot more sense for me too. You guys rock! http://www.outdoorstore.ch/felssicherung/58-black-diamond-camalot-c4.html - MayDay www.outdoorstore.ch
  9. I'm also looking for "Free shipping, home country only. The rest pay." Another thing that I either can't figure out, or doesn't work is "Free shipping, one carrier only. The rest pay." Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks, Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  10. How do I configure which Emails are sent when order status changes? I swear I saw this somewhere in the Back Office, but can't find it now. What I want to do is turn off the Email's that are sent to my customers where I change the order status to 'Preperation in Progress' Thanks in advance for any help! Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  11. I did exactly that. Nothing shows up in Back Office (including in edit "HTML" mode)
  12. A strange character is showing up in my Product short descriptions, but only in Firefox. See attached. Or go to http://www.outdoorstore.ch/lang-en/chalkbags-chalk/53-black-diamond-uncut-white-gold-pure-magnesium.html and look at the first bullet point in the product description. Just before the text "Improves grip for better..." a character that I've never seen appears. This only seems to happen in FireFox. Any Ideas what it is?? I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Thanks in advance for any help! Cory www.outdoorstore.ch
  13. Yes, I have the exact same problem. Another problem, that might be related: When I Generate a Google Sitemap (module gsitemap) I have my domain name repeated here several times too: (but not by every entry) http://www.outdoorstore.ch/lang-de//www.outdoorstore.ch/chalkbags-chalk/15-chalk-bag-arabesque.html but for the Sitemap.XML, at least I can quickly correct it with some simple find and replace and I make a working file. But with the problem here for Canonical ... I had to just shut down the module. Anyone know how to fix this?
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