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  1. A Simple Fix for us simple fellows! click the link the module updates gives you : save the XML to your computer Now open your xml file in the notepad and simplify everything 1st Simply delete everything between [] this is the main error with this <![CDATA[]]> and put something simple inside it <![CDATA[My shop is the best on the internet]]> 2nd Your brand might be empty so put Thrifty Beatnik 3rd Check your so put Vintage Clothing 4th Your price might have too many zeros 59.950000 to59.95 Phew! Now its best not to submit this automatically : Just upload it manually on google base!
  2. Any joy on this : Ideally iI need the homepage featured module applicable to catergories: Thank you x
  3. Ah right. Im more after the four items across layout? Is this possible? I love this forum Cheers for your help x
  4. I want my customers to be able to see our products in an much like this amazing site http://www.asos.com/Men/Jackets-Coats/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=3606 Is this possible? Cheers all!
  5. I've downloaded some language packs and manually added the languages I want under that section Now under translations I haven't yet uploaded uploaded a language pack as I'm worried that the phrase 'Be careful, as it will replace all existing data for the destination language!' Will delete my main site in english Also what is the difference between importing and copying? Cheers all x
  6. cheers man. I tried entering the id number but it didnt work. What format and where do I put it x
  7. Whenever I put catergory in the CSV section it makes a new section with the same name. Any idea what silly simple mistake I'm doing today? Cheers x
  8. ou and finally how do I make the home featured section reversed so it goes Picture on top Title Price Thank you x
  9. ah its this Has anyone made a non-conflicting right block version http://www.ecartservice.net/06122008/smoothgallery-prestashop-featured-products/comment-page-1/#comment-630
  10. this works perfectly in my left column but not my right
  11. I need a module similar to the new products one but where I can select what i put in there The specials is ok but ideally I'd have four of clickable images in the top right Is this possible? cheers x
  12. aye I did I wish it was that simple but my feed come out all wrong. Will give it a reinstall now Not sure why I'm having so much grief with this... grumble x
  13. Hi all still not clear reponse to this anywhere on the internet why are my pictures not occuring here http://www.thriftybeatnik.co.uk/en_googlebase.xml keep getting disapproved -grumble-
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