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  1. Ok,you lost me there but will give it a try Thanks
  2. Ok,I will That is not so good if you have no contact you page.
  3. Not yet but they are the same websites that are are sending rubbish
  4. Hi Seems I do have the latest update for PestaShop. Do you have any other solutions that may help? Thank you
  5. Thank you for your advise, will try to see if your suggestion will fix issue. Thank you for your time
  6. Every 5 mins I receive a spam request from a china web site via my PrestaShop. And the mail auto replies(via PrestaShop) so then I receive a email saying Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender also every 5 mins.my webmaster installed Chatcha but that has done nothing to stop receiving spam every 5 mins. I would have thought that the PrestaShop would have away to block sites. Anybody got any idea's how to fix?
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