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  1. Hi i am not in local host. it's in local host because i downloaded the files to local host for can change. the delete of htaccess does not work ;/;/;/
  2. Hi , but i cannot upgrade to presta 1.7.2 because i already tried and did not work the update... how can i fix in this version of prestashop? only delete the htaccess in the folder email?
  3. Hi i have prestashop but the issue is the same... in the editor i see the {} but in the html preview i see the %7D and when i edit the html link in prestashop it shows the {} and i cannot find any %7D related.. can some one help ?
  4. Customer Follow-up module does not work

    HI i have the same issue. in prestashop
  5. done, changed a name in the DB that was refering that. fixed. it was shop id name
  6. but is only in the backoofice... as i see until now... if there is anything in the front office i did not notice until now
  7. the name in the table is correct... :(:(
  8. Hi Does not work. It's a drop down selection only... Not to change the name.
  9. It s in backoffice. When for example I go to add a new store to activate multistore. Like in the pictures. The old shop is pleasures gg4you and the new one is pleasures heaven.
  10. Hi, I have cloned my old store to a new one. Everything is working ok , but when i go to create a new shop it appear the old name of the shop and not the new. i already changed in contacts information of the shop and tried to search on the translations but without success. how can i change this value that is having references to the old shop? The new name is Pleasures Heaven. Kindly see atached prinscreens. Many thanks Nuno
  11. HI i also have the same issue... tried to disable again the debug mode but no sucess? does someone can help me? thanks
  12. Customer Follow-up module does not work

    Hi i have the same issue, it generates the link, but after that the link point to a non existent page.. any solutions?
  13. SEO , Bingwebmaster not being indexed

    hi sorry for late reply, my index file is with all languages... but in bingwebmaster i cannot register a /pt or en or es site and say that the index is with no / ... because i don't have 3 indexes only one..
  14. SEO , Bingwebmaster not being indexed

    i tried that too to insert 3 sites in bing /en /pt and /es but when i got to submit the index for each it does not me allow because they need the index in the root site or in the / but the index is on the root :( any ideas?