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  1. Hey vekia, busy days with the Pentecost holiday, so please here the link of my site: http://atconceptstore.com/fr/2-accueil Like you can see, only 15 products show on that page and all the others like: http://atconceptstore.com/fr/3-femmes I have more than 15 prodicts listed in the given cathegory, but only 15 show and it is ugly, i want 16 to be shown. In backoffice I put 16 in the module that defines the hompage part, but I guess it is not interdependent... http://imgur.com/V4ilxwt
  2. The problem I have is not in homepage dear vekia, please have a look on the following capture: http://imgur.com/xulKhj9 On homepage I have 16 products no problemo. It is in the categories that it only shows 15 on the first page even if I have more than 20 products, so there is a blank spot in the bottom right corner, does not look good... Thank you for your effort
  3. Yes it's is working. But I have other problem 15 articles showing on first page of category, not 16... Look: http://imgur.com/a/hSTPj I would like 16 products on the page.
  4. Hey there, how can I change the number of products listed in a category? I have in my "man" category 20 articles, but only 15 show on the first page and 5 on the sceond. I would like 16 items on the first page, so there is no white space at the bottom right corner... Was thinking to change something in product-list.tpl or products.tpl, but can't find anything resembling to : {assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=4} or so. Thank you for your help.
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