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  1. Hi, Removed the cache manually and my PHP version is 7.3.29 but still same error.
  2. Goodday, Since i updated Prestashop from to i receive the following error when trying to update my Tracking code or changing the addres.
  3. This works for me: {block name='product_miniature_item'} {if $product.quantity > 0} <label class="label">{l s='availability: ' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} </label> <span class="availability-list-in-stock">On stock</span> {else} <label class="label">{l s='availability: ' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} </label> <span class="availability-list-in-stock">Out of stock</span> {/if} {/block}
  4. Hi On a Prestashop i'm getting this error when going to the product overview in back office, also when i try to download an invoice or packing slip i get this error. Has anyone experienced this error and may have a solution. Thanks!
  5. Goedemorgen, We hebben het probleem al opgelost, toch bedankt voor de hulp!
  6. Goedemiddag, Recent kan ik niet meer mijn website bezoeken op mijn mobiel via Google chrome (via PC wel), andere browsers op mobiel zoals Firefox op Opera werken allemaal prima. Ik heb meerdere malen mijn cache leeg gegooid en Chrome opnieuw geïnstalleerd op mijn mobiel, ik heb ook gekeken naar errors in mijn log maar hier kan ik ook niks zien waar aan zou kunnen liggen. Momenteel ben ik beetje door ideeën heen wat ik nog zou kunnen proberen is er iemand die het zelfde probleem is tegenkomen? Prestashop versie: PHP-versie: 7.2.34
  7. Hi, I've solved the problem by just removing the news.yml file in "src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/services/adapter/" if you get an error after removing that file replace the whole src map from Prestashop download. When you restore your server the files are overwritten but new created files will stay on your server.
  8. Hello, After upgrading my PHP version to 7.2.34 my backoffice wont load anymore more, i have enabled the debug mode and received this order: (3/3) FileLoaderLoadException The file "/home/autotravel/domains/autoonderdelenexpres.nl/public_html/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/services/adapter/news.yml" does not contain valid YAML: The constant "\PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Adapter\News\NewsDataProvider::CLOSED_ALLOWED_FAILURES" is not defined at line 10 (near "- !php/const \PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Adapter\News\NewsDataProvider::CLOSED_ALLOWED_FAILURES") in /home/autotravel/domains/autoonderdelenexpres.nl/public_html/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/services/adapter/news.yml (which is being imported from "/home/autotravel/domains/autoonderdelenexpres.nl/public_html/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/services.yml"). Does anyone know how to resolve this error? I am using Prestashop and php version 7.2.34
  9. Good morning, I am looking for a developer to have the faceted filter appear as a pop-up menu on the left side of the website currently it is just a menu in the "Left column" hopefully someone can help me with this problem. Sincerely, Peter
  10. Goedemorgen, Ik ben opzoek naar een ontwikkelaar om de faceted filter als een pop-up menu aan de linkerkant van de website te laten verschijnen momenteel staat deze gewoon als een menu in de "Left column" hopelijk kan iemand mij helpen met dit probleem. Met vriendelijke groet, Peter
  11. Goedemiddag, Ik zie dat ik een foutje heb gemaakt bij de betaling omschrijving van Mollie. Ik heb namelijk bij in de omschrijving de betalingsmethode neergezet maar hier moet het order ID komen te staan. Ik heb dit ondertussen al veranderd maar de bestaande orders houden in Mollie backoffice de oude omschrijving bv "iDeal" i.p.v 7612. Is het nog mogelijk om deze omschrijving te veranderen bij Mollie? ik kan namelijk nu heel moeilijk de betalingen terug bekijken. Als iemand hier een oplossing voor heeft hoor ik het graag! Alvast bedankt
  12. Hallo, Wij gebruiken momenteel Channable voor een koppeling met bol.com te hebben, het is niet de goedkoopste oplossing omdat het maandelijks geld kost maar ik denk dat er geen alternatieve goedkopere manier is.
  13. Goodmorning, I am trying to find out if its possible to add the pack content configured in a product ( Prestashop 1.6) with one simple click on the add to cart button into the shopping cart. I am searching for this features because i sell products that consist of 2 / 3 parts and combined it is one product. I want to have a stock management system and for that it needs to be separate products so that it also appears on 2 or 3 separate lines on the invoice. I hope someone can help me with this i searched for modules and on the forum but i can't find the solution where i am looking for. Kind regards, Maikel
  14. Hello, You can hide products while having them in a category & have those products enabled Prestashop 1.6: Go to the product you wanna hide in the BO -> Information tab -> Visibility -> None Prestashop 1.7: Go to the product you wanna hide in the BO -> Options -> Visibility -> None I hope this works for you.
  15. I solved this problem by just deleting (disable) the Block Layered Navigation i hope this helps someone who has the same problem.
  16. I switched that off and it solved kinda the problem, it doesn't show the product in every other subcategorie and only in the main category. But if i go in the BO to assign a product to multiple categories it only shows on the selected main category and not on every category i wanted it to be in.
  17. I am not sure if you can find that code in a review module or just in the product.tpl file. But if it's in the product.tpl file: public_html/themes/default-bootstrap/product.tpl
  18. Hello, Just edit this part: <h2 class="page-subheading"> Write a review</h2> to <p class="page-subheading"> Write a review</p> then it's just a paragraph
  19. Goedemorgen, Ik ben bezig met mijn nieuwe Prestashop webshop met de nieuwste versie namelijk: Prestashop alleen ik loop tegen het probleem aan dat de categorie URL's niet worden weergeven zoals ik dat graag zie. Ik zou namelijk graag in de URL willen zien dat die de categorie structuur volgt zoals dat in de backoffice is aangemaakt. Bijvoorbeeld ik heb deze categorie structuur in de BO. Autozonwering Audi A1 2007-2014 Momenteel is het zo dat wanneer ik bijvoorbeeld in de categorie "A1" zit alleen /a1 laat zien in de URL balk. Maar ik zou graag zien dat die dan dit pad aanhoud: shopurl/autozonwering/audi/a1. Ik weet dat dit gewoon mogelijk was in Prestashop door gewoon simpel bij de instellingen SEO & URL's te invullen: {categories:/}{rewrite} maar dit werkt helaas niet op Prestashop Is er een manier om dit te oplossen? ik hoor het graag! Note: ik gebruik wel een friendly URL module Alvast bedankt voor de hulp!
  20. Hi, I have encountered a problem that products are showing in the wrong category's, and i don't really have a idea how to fix this problem. Let say we have a category structure like this: category structure: - Roofracks (parent category) Audi A1 A3 BMW 1-serie 2-serie I assigned the products in the BO to the category: A1 and 1-serie so you would think it only shows the products in those category's? But at the moment it shows the products in the parent category "Roofracks", The sub-category "Audi" and also ofcourse how i want it in the category A1 & 1-serie. So it shows the products all the way from the Parent category to the sub-category's that are available. I am using Prestashop and using friendly URL module. I hope someone could help me with this Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi, I have a question about formatting the friendly URL's for category and subcategory. I am using PrestaShop Let's say we have a structure like this: Parent category: - Roofracks - Sunshades Categories in the parent category ( Roofracks & sunshades ) - Audi - BMW etc. I want to display the link like this: /roofracks/audi How can I achieve this? The current behavior is when I click on "Audi", being in the parent category, the link is /audi and not how i want it like this: {shop-url}/roofracks/audi I know this is possible in Prestashop with simply adding this in the SEO & URLS schematic: {categories:/}{rewrite} but adding this in Prestashop SEO & URL schematic doesn't do the trick. Is there a simple solution like adding this: "{categories:/}{rewrite}" to SEO & URL schematic or do i have to edit something in the files? Note: I am using a Friendly URL module Thanks for the help!
  22. The problem is solved, i reinstalled the theme and it works perfect now thank you for ur time!
  23. I tried to switch to the default theme and the button works there so i have to figure out now how to fix the add to cart button on the theme i am using.
  24. Yes i tried on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft edge also on my mobile phone to be sure.. and i don't have Cloudfare or similar cache things. And also no JS erorrs in the console with even debug modus on. Could it be a theme issue? i am not using the default one of Prestashop
  25. It was the product comment module from Prestashop so i disabled this module because i don't really need it, the error is now gone but the button still doesn't work. Already cleared the cache in the backoffice and the cache on my own pc. I also tried to disable ajax-shopping cart but still no result. Is it maybe smarter to reinstall Prestashop or do you think it is fixable? Thank you for the help!
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