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  1. Great:) Thank you for your message. Please keep me up-to-date then this is really important to us.
  2. Any suggestions from the Prestashop team ?...
  3. I am having the same problem currently. As soon as I click ''save'' either: 1)the pages disconnect and I have to log in again and start everything from zero 2)Nothing happens and I have to add the translation about 10 times ( if not more) until it is saved And one more thing. The German translation of ALL the products( and there are 51!!) disappeared and I have to put it back again. I should point out that this is simply unacceptable and I hope prestashop team can tackle the issue as simply as possible ( and stop ignoring the messages we send)
  4. J'ai eu pire j'ai traduit tout le catalogue en allemand et j l'ai mis tout etait bien y a un mois. La je regarde ... toutes les traductions ont disparues ... c pas possible ca
  5. Hey guys ! Has anyone bought the following module for his catalog(s) ? I'd love to get some feedback before I make a decision. Should I get it? My company asked me to send her catalogue to some clients but we've only got the products on our website. I bumped into this module so I thought a pdf version could save money and time and still be efficient. Thank you :)
  6. Hey guys, I have been getting a pink hand inside of a green square( see picture attached to this message) on the corner of my dashboard for over a week now. Does anybody know what it means ? Thank you in advance.
  7. Hey guys, The carrousel module used to work without any issue. I was just asked to disactivate an image within it and replace it with another ( to activate another one). However when I click on disactivate nothing happen. I even get a message like that now. I attached the picture to this message. How should I proceed in this case? :/
  8. I thought that adding the picture could help. Still haven't found the solution so waiting for your responses :)
  9. Actually I found out how to do it. I went to ''catalogue'', ''products'', got into the ''info'' section where the ''resume'' and ''description'' is located then changed ''en'' for ''de'' and managed to translate one description yesterday. Now I have another problem. I carried on translating other descriptions but when I click ''save'' nothing happens and the translation I incorporated just disappears... I haven't changed anything though ... Could it be a bug from prestashop and is there any solution to that?
  10. I've been trying to translate the descriptions of the products several times but everytime I click on ''save'' nothing happens and the translations I typed in just disappear ... Have anybody been in the same situation ? Please help !
  11. Hey guy ! I am still stuck and cannot find where the slogan is located in the back- office .... :/ I need to correct the spelling and translate it but can't find its location. it is the message located under the 3-pic slider : '' Les vins libanais, un voyage gustative... '' www.wineroutelebanon.com I've been posting the message several times but didn't get any replies :/ Plz help ><
  12. Hey guys ! I started translating my website into German but I don't really know how to do to incorporate the translations ( I'm not dealing with the titles and the basic stuff that the translation module does for you but with the product descriptions, welcome messages I added etc ...) Can anybody help? Thank you in advance. This is the website : www.wineroutelebanon.com
  13. Hello people, I just started translating the website but I'm a bit lost since I'm pretty new to it. This is the website I'm working with: www.wineroutelebanon.com I wanna start with the small text just under the carousel ''Les vins du Liban, un voyage gustatifLes vins libanais sont capables de surpendre vos papilles et de vous faire voyager au Liban. Pour que votre excursion gustative soit unique, nous vous guidons à travers une sélection de vins libanais. Bon voyage chez Wine Route Of Lebanon.'' The problem is when I get to ''translation'' in '' localisation'' I get the following message: Attention, votre configuration PHP limite le nombre maximum de champs d'un formulaire 1000 pour max_input_vars Veuillez contacter votre hébergeur pour augmenter cette limite à au moins 6892, ou vous devrez modifier les fichiers de traduction. What does this message mean ? Is there any way to solve it? I guess the text has to deal with a specific module. Which one could it be? Sorry if my questions are too basic and thank you in advance
  14. Also this is the website I'm talking about: www.wineroutelebanon.com It's supposed to be a 3-slide carrousel but everytime I add a new one as I said I only get a blank space and the title. This morning I had another surprise. I tried while uploading the pic to switch the language to English as this is the icon that appears on the website. However this time only the uploaded image appears and no title ... Where could the other two be gone ?...
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