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  1. Hello Dear PS'users. I'm currently setting up my new shop, but by a fault, the positions of the standard PS 1.7 theme has changed. I'd like very much to get it changed back to the original. website to see the issue: http://www.streetpoint.dk/ Looking forward to hear from you. Best regards Patrick
  2. Hello dear prestashop users, After installing my second prestashop, i've met some issues. Both front end and back end are missing thumbnails and pictures. I've tried to clear the cache and regenerate thumbnails. However this didnt seem to work. I've attached a picture, of how it looks on the backend. Looking forward to hear from you. Best regards Patrick
  3. Hej, Jeg har været i gang med at oprette en shop nr.2. Første kom op og køre sidste år uden problemer. Dog efter installationen på den nye shop, er der en del fejl. Alle ikoner/thumbnails mangler. (Se billede.) http://imgur.com/a/SdOg7 Er der nogle, der har løst dette problem før? Mvh. Patrick
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