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  1. hello if anyone is still strugling with the bugs in the theme here is my theme. i have managed to fix some of the bugs hope it helps to anyone who needs it http://tinyium.com/aAb
  2. how do u make a new slide show list as when i click on Change Thumbnail its not doing anything. i am using Prestashop 1.7 anyone knows any solution for this?
  3. i been trying to fix this problem through css file but i don't know how to do it properly as i only have some basic knowledge of it. the subject section, the drop down list text is not aligned properly. i am trying to add some padding to the bottom of the text so it is shown properly in the box or increasing the size of the box little bit. yes and last bit i am using Prestashop 1.7 and if any one can help me with my second request as well, it will be better then making a new topic for it. my Copyright is not showing in the footer for some reason i have checked the module and it is enabled don't know why its not working, if someone knows please help me out with this two problems. thanks
  4. i have sent u a temporary admin account can u see what is the problem
  5. ok got it but i am getting a problem on my website i have 6 categories but it is only allowing me to edit one. if i add more it is not replacing the old name. is there any extra step i have to do to add a new one or to edit others?
  6. thanks it worked but how do i edit the sub menu/ drop down list of the navigation bar?
  7. i have tried that but looks like i am not doing it right. if i can provide you my team viewer id and pass can you show me what i am doing wrong please
  8. thanks for a reply but no that is not what i am looking for if you check my website, i want to edit the navigation bar and change the names of it.
  9. anyhelp please i am still stuck with this problem
  10. i tried to edit in the "wtmegamenu" but its not doing anything as i tried to delete the menu list and make a new one it does not shows any changes on the front end.
  11. thanks got it but how can i edit the names of the current categories like it has Home, women and etc i want to change the name to something different like Home, equipment's etc in "wtmegamenu" module configuration i was not able to find that option
  12. hi i am new to Prestashop and i was trying to edit navigation bar, like adding more menu/ sub menu or renaming it/ removing it. but i am unable to do it looked everywhere for the solution but was unsuccessful can anyone help me out with it. this is the current look of the page i have http://riseofdeath.co.uk/shopp/index.php thanks.
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