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  1. Hello @vekia could you please take a minute to solve my doubts? (2 posts above) Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Vekia, I'm also after this functionality to sell only packs of 6 bottles(multiples of 6 for the same category, means youy can choose 3 items of 1 product and 3 items of another). I came from Google to this post and was going to buy this addon as i saw on the website description that: And thats exactly what i need, people to order a combination of 6(or multiple of 6) products from a chosen category. But then thought, lets read the post and here at the end you point another user to this addon , well i thought this as being the last response would be the good one, and i bought the "Minimal product quantity" from your store. I've been triying to accomplish this behaviour for my category for a while now but then I've realized i've maybe bought the wrong module. Can you help me out ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your quick answer! I've tested your demo site and it looks like upon checkout a new window is prompted to select payment method and yours is the only one listed. Just in case, my checkout is a 5 step process and payment method is the 5th step(original prestashop funnel), will this still be the user experience when using my site? He will be prompted with the paypal method and I'll have to make clear that this method is for recurring payments? Regards,
  4. Hello Shokinro! I've been looking for a module to set up some items as suscriptions on my site, with recurring payments, and finally after diving much on the internet, i found this module that seems a valid option and up-to-date. I just wanted to ask you some questions before purchasing, as i couldn't find the answers into the product especifications. 1 - Clients are allowed to pay for their suscriptions by credit card? Or do they need a Paypal account? 2 - I have a redsys module to receive payments for all the items in my shop that is already integrated with my bank. Will i have issues with both systems coexisting? Can i set your module only to manage suscription payments(i.e a product category) and keep the rest of the shop as it is now? 3 Is it possible to add some extra fields to the product to be filled in by the subscriber? To collect delivery and subscription details. Looking forward to test your module. Regards.
  5. I have the same problem on Prestashop I have a product named "Myshop #63 - Some title " If i seach for 63 it wont return any result, but i type "some" the product is shown. I have also tried erasing the # and still it doesn't work. Anyone has a fix that works with PS 1.6 ? Update: Fixed it disabling instant search
  6. It didn't work for me on PS
  7. .category-23 #availability_value.label-danger{ display:none; } .category-23 div#oosHook::after{ content:"YOUR OUT OF STOCK CUSTOM MESSAGE"; background-color: transparent!important; border: none!important; color: #e60000!important; font-weight: 100!important; font-size: 15px!Important; }
  8. Category description truncated

    Sorry i posted on wromg forum, my version is 1.6 :-/ Thanks anyway
  9. Hello all, I'm creating a new site from scratch with a PS 1.7 template. The client has given me a PSD in which the product images on category listings are bigger than the theme's default. I've tried to make them bigger through some CSS but I've realized that the image provided as thumbnail is by default 250x250 pixels. Is there any way to have bigger thumbnails? (400 x 400 pixels) Regards.
  10. Category description truncated

    Hello all, I'm kind of newbie to Prestashop while I consider myself a ninja on Joomla and Wordpress. I'm finding the forums useful but i can't find solutions to some problems that seem basic. This one problem I've got now is about Category descriptions. I have long descriptions on some categories, explaining the story behind these products, but when the page is rendered the Category description is cut and shows just two lines of text. I've read some hacks for previous versions related to the "truncate" value but I've seen no post explaining how to solve this. Anyone can help me? :/
  11. Hello all! I would like to change Prestashop 1.7 shopping cart standard display. To another smaller display seen on some other sites like this one: https://www.pompeiibrand.com/ You can find the cart on the upper right corner of this site. As you add items, the cart shows a number on top of the cart with the amount of items that are inside. What would be your best approach to do this? Is there any way to make the standard Prestashop cart look like this one? Regards.