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  1. Managed to fix this by going to Modules -> Bank Wire Configuration -> selecting the currency used (in my case i needed to select the box with $ Dollar in it)
  2. I agree Jess infact this forum seems to be FULL of negativity towards anyone and everything, people should just be happy that the PS team are even working on a different and better store. Keep it up PS team Am looking forward to the new store
  3. Also if you read up further i still didnt get answers for a redirect issue either! That aint fixed!
  4. I shout out loud because noone here offers to help and if they do they dont offer much! Then there are people like you who are completely rude, who knows if you had of asked nicely i may have posted it up but people like you ruin it for others now dont they?!
  5. http://www.yourstorename.com/istyle/install I hope that helps Im presuming istyle is what you named your folder with PS in it?
  6. When i browse to http://www.tagyourbaby.co.nz it redirects fine however if i click on home or anything to send me to the homepage it directs the page to http://tagyourbaby.co.nz, this is a problem as the page goes funny at the bottom with the featured products and also when customers try to login they cant and of course get no warning about what is wrong. I could be losing customers over this. Is this a hosting issue or something i can sort out with PS?
  7. So what are you trying to do? Is it all setup can you get into the back office or are you asking how to browse to install PS?
  8. Yes and i am just getting part page like there is no writing and its missing the right side boxes etc
  9. This is the page http://www.tagyourbaby.co.nz/shop/merchants.php Also how do i stop my page going to http://tagyourbaby.co.nz/shop i have redirects on but it defaults to the link without www and sometimes things dont work right...
  10. Im trying to load a new page under information and its showing there but when i click on it nothing is there What have i done wrong? Im basically wanting a page i can add affiliate information into i dont want my store details in it. Can someone pretty please tell me what i need to write and where i need to write? I have made a new .tpl file and .php file and edited the sitemap.tpl file to add it in aswell as the blockinfos.tpl file. Im pulling my hair out i really want this done before i got to bed shortly lol Thanks heaps in advance!
  11. I just requested this lol I hope they do its better than paypal!
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