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  1. [FREE MODULE] Ask a question

    Thank you NemoPS. Appreciated
  2. [FREE MODULE] Ask a question

    Can you please tell me how ? Tnx
  3. [FREE MODULE] Ask a question

    Thank you for this awesome module. Is perfect and work just fine. I have only one issue with this I can not move the hook. For the moment it show the question/answer in More info tab. (Informatio tab) I want hook under or above blockproductscategory for example. On the bottom of our the website. I remove all the hooks from module, I have hooked step by step but no good result. Any ideea ? Thank you
  4. Salutare, Exista vreo solutie ca link-ul de cautare sa apara "more friendly" si nu asa cum apare in acest moment ? Nu am reusit momentan sa gasesc o solutie prin modificarea .htaccess Poate, printre voi care aveti atata experienta in prestashop, exista cineva care stie rezolvarea pentru acest neplacut aspect. Multumesc anticipat.
  5. Free module - OfferPrice

    Is working now. Thank you One Man.
  6. Free module - OfferPrice

    So, I want to take out Country field like I said before. If I take out <p class="text"> <label for="your_country"> {l s='Your country' mod='priceoffer'} <sup class="required">*</sup> : </label> <input id="your_country" name="your_country" type="text" value=""/> </p> from views/templates/front/priceoffer-extra.tpl it still not working because country field is a required field. How can I remove this field from required ? Where and what I have to modify ?
  7. Free module - OfferPrice

    Awesome work One Man. I will use this module on our magazine. All ok but I only need to take out "country" section but when I do this I receive some errors. How is ok to remove this field because is not necessary ? Thank you for a great job
  8. Post your products on pinterest

    Did you found something ? Have you try this one ?
  9. Hello tony, I have tried your function but I am receiving this error: Prestashop version: This page isn’t workingsitename is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  10. Intre timp vad ca ai fost si hackuit
  11. I have put debug false and now I don't received this error anymore in my log file
  12. After some searching about this "RequestSQL" I have found in AdminTools/RequestSQL. Someone put a request there. I have deleted and hope this fix the problem. Thank you Knowband.
  13. Thank you for your advice. I don't find any related module in our prestashop BUT I saw our logs on prestashop backoffice and when this error start to record on server logs we have this : Message: Add RequestSql Object type: RequestSql Object id: 1 From what I remember, but I am not sure, on that date and hour I tried to put a new cron job in module "cronjob". That job is already removed from cron job. Was "active" for few days. Could be this related with cron job ? Thank you
  14. Hi, log file from our server is full with this error. We couldn't find the solution related to this problem. We are using prestashop The 791 line in Db.php is this: If someone have some information to fix this would be awesome. Thank you