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  1. Hi I succeeded in solving this myself. The solution was to go into the mySQL Prestashop database and into table ps_lang and manually edit the language_code for language record English back to en-us I would like to suggest to Prestashop that in the card admin interface it should not be possible to change the language_code in the International/Localization/Language, at least not for the active language, if it has the effect that the cart becomes inaccessible. Regards, gbirg
  2. Hi When configuring the language or localization in Prestashop I did the following on the English language en-us, which is the default. Changed the date format from m/d/y to d/m/y Changed time format from m/d/y h:m to d/m/y h:m I then changed the language id from en-us to en-en Now I can neither open the website or the admin back end. My guess is that since I changed the language identifier to en-en and the en-us is the default the system can not find the default language and does not open. But the problem is that since I can not open the admin I can not correct this that way. Can anyone help me with another way of fixing this? Regards, Georg
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