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  1. please check here http://www.lecnik.si/123-svetila?page=1
  2. Wow is working :) Where i can send you BEER Thank you so much Can you help me with this one i have problem long time and can not fix it, please check pictures, produces in some category are not together.
  3. I not have this in product-list.tpl , i have prestashop 1.7
  4. I have problem now that costumers on my site not see full name of article, it only litle bit and 3 dots? Please check pictures.
  5. Please check pictures, i need to translate from english to Slovenian, Is presta shop 1.7 and Destiom templates. Any help?
  6. Thank you for your answare! You mean back office-localization-Translation , but there i translate all where say my account but is still not translated?
  7. I have installed prestashop and download my translation, everything perfect only in first page is not translated MY ACCOUNT? I try under translation, but not find. Hove i can change/translate this? Thank you for your answare!
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