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  1. Many thanks, You were right and it's now been fixed with your steps. For anyone else seeing this thread in future the steps I took where: 1. Set PHP to match system requirements. At the time of this thread 7.2 2. Make sure all PHP extensions are enabled 3. Reset every stats module within Prestashop.
  2. Yes I have disabled and re-enabled this module. Or is there another way to reset it? Cache has been cleared. My versions are: MySQL: 10.3.21-MariaDB-log-cll-lve PHP: 7.3.12 It's not just the stats not working, the only tab that shows on the stats page is Best Brands but even this page is blank. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I updated one of my sites to the latest version of Prestashop, since then stats do not show. Does anyone know what the cause could be? Thanks,
  4. That was also my favourite and I've now changed it. Thanks,
  5. Update: This did appear to be an issue either with my card or PayPal. I used another card and it worked well. Before testing my other card I did install the following: https://github.com/PrestaShop/php-ps-info/releases This helped me see any missing extensions/settings recommended by prestashop. I made a few tweaks and would recommend it.
  6. I have created some examples (all changed apart from the logo). Thanks.
  7. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I think you may be onto something. May I ask would you prefer to see a darker or lighter gold?
  8. Hello, I am completeing a test order on my website. I'm using the native PayPal module. On checkout I select PayPal, have it set to redirect so I'm taken to the PayPal website. Enter my payment details, click on make payment. The page refreshes asking for the same information as before (entered information is now lost). This time the design is slightly different as it allows me to select which card I'm using. After the refresh I notice the following in the URL: &fallback=1&reason=blankedhash%3D#/checkout/guest I'm wondering if this is a PayPal specific issue, perhaps something from my details triggered their systems and they are not requesting more information from me (i.e the card type). I'm quite confident that this isn't an issue with prestashop as it's taking place on PayPal's website. I just wanted to ensure that this is specific to my details and not going to effect every customer who tries to use PayPal. I just wish PayPal would make this clear if it does indeed see a problem with my details rather than simply refresh the page without reason.
  9. Thanks for this thread. I was having the same warnings shown but only when a user tries to create an account during their order. The solution was the same, for cPanel users you need to enable "intl" within PHP.
  10. Now resolved. I am using a child theme, so translated the text from the parent theme rather than trying to add the language strings within my child theme.
  11. Many thanks! I manually set the zone for all states and the carrier is working for all countries!
  12. I would like to apologise to the community for coming across as someone who just moans. I have just been frustrated having put so much time into the website and the fact that I have not made changes to Prestashop itself other than installing 1 3rd party module. I am a front-end developer of 10 years and run a few online businesses full time, my experience of PHP is limited (clearly) but I am experienced with front-end development. I created the child theme you see from the default and found the templating system very easy and professional (I have experience with Smarty). I avoid modules unless necessary and I like to keep things as stock as possible to help make updates easier. I even implemented the add to cart sticky upon scrolling feature myself without the need for a module (of which there are a few available on the marketplace): https://decorativegold.com/home-decor/candle-holders/31-gold-5-arm-candle-holder --- For this issue I have even gone as far as comparing the database tables with my dev install to try and find differences (missed the zone). I am taking this website very seriously and of course i am happy to hire a developer when needed. I was not willing to do that for this issue only because I felt that it was a basic feature of Prestashop and I was doubting whether or not I was going to continue using it. As for the module issue Prestashop was not in debug mode when testing. But it doesn't matter as I do not need the module and have removed it. Thank you for taking a look. Thank you very much!! I haven't assigned all of the zones yet but I will do that this evening. It makes sense now why it was not working, comparing with my dev install which has the zones set (see attached) it's clear that perhaps a glitch of some kind has happened with my live install. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why it only effected Canada and Australia and not the other countries with states. But that's not really important, i can happily move on from this after I've applied the zones.
  13. I have installed prestools. I'm seeing the following error after logging-in:
  14. I have tried disabling overides but same issue (see attached). What is TB? I have been considering Magento but that is very complicated and bloated software. PrestaShop is a real shame, I put so much time into building this website only to find that there are so many issues with the software. I have experience developing for and using a lot of different software (WordPress, WHMCS, Blesta, Clientexec, vBulletin, MyBB) and PrestaShop is by far the worst in terms of bugs and reliability. It's a big shame because there is a lot of positives to Prestashop, it's very nice and easy to use, not bloated, good community and use. There just seems to be more focus on selling modules than there is providing a bug free base product.
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