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  1. Consulta a ver si este hilo de Github te puede ayudar: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/26028 Espero que te sirva de ayuda. Saludos,
  2. Buenas, Si activas el modo debug no te da ninguna información? Algún Notice o algo.
  3. EVERAIN Make your store look spectacular on those special days. Create fantastic snowflakes, Santa Claus, hearts, pumpkins, bats or whatever you want. Don't just keep it snow effect and get the complete package. VIDEO DEMO: LINK MODULE: https://addons.prestashop.com/es/personalizacion-pagina/28809-everain-navidad-halloween-san-valentin-y-mas.html
  4. BULK PRODUCT CATEGORY MOVE The objective of the module is to allow you to change products from one category to another, modify their default category, eliminate associations, make copies, among other options. Which options does the module offer? 1. Associate the products to one or more destination categories This function will allow you to associate all the products you want to one or more new categories in a massive way, without having to go product by product 2. Move the products to one or more destination categories This function will allow you to modify the categories associated with the selected products by others that you choose, thus disconnecting yourself from the source category to be associated with the selected destination category. 3. Remove linked categories from selected products With this function you can unlink all the categories you want from the massively selected products. 4. Make a copy of the product / s to a category selected by default With this function you can make copies of one or more products to a selected default category, thus maintaining its image, price, combinations, reference among other parameters. You can massively modify all the products you want and add, modify or delete their categories through a very simple and easy-to-use panel Optimize your time Thanks to this module you will be able to save a lot of time in having to manage your product catalog since you will be able to apply the different options in a massive way in all the products you want at the same time Easy to use We highly prioritize the usability of our modules, that is why in a few steps you will be able to make a series of modifications in the categories of your catalog in an optimal, simple and effective way. Simplify product searches for your customers since you can maintain a much more orderly and optimized category structure for your entire catalog. Labelgrup Networks S.L. is a Platinum Prestashop Partner, that is why we have managed to accumulate great expertise in the Prestashop world, which we want to put at your service and that of your online store. That is why if you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to help you and advise you on all your needs. MODULE LINK: https://addons.prestashop.com/es/edicion-rapida/85749-asignador-masivo-de-categorias.html
  5. What's TOR and IP Blocker? Our module is a complete security suite for PrestaShop 1.5.X - 1.7.X including active blocking rules for TOR network, IP's, CIDR ranges, proxies, bots, hosts, bad user agents, SQLi, XSS and more. Secure your business with the definitive all-in-one firewall solution for PrestaShop. What features are included? Without overrides and compatible with all webservers (Apache, nginx, lightweight, etc) Auto update for TOR nodes, proxies and abuse IP's ProjectHoneypot API integration No suscription required for any of the services Block all traffic comming from TOR network Block all traffic comming from anonymous proxies Block all traffic comming from abuse IP's Block all traffic comming from blacklisted IP's Block all traffic comming from bad user agents Block entire IP ranges (CIDR) Block by hostname GeoIP blocking (Country blocking) XSS and SQLi detection and blocking Administrator email notification on attacks or Backoffice logins Whitelist / Blacklist desired IP's Network Tools (host /IP conversion, ping, ProjectHoneypot report) PrestaShop Core Integrity checker Malware scanner Cache system for a better performance and less database queries Complete stats Some customers reviews "After lots of spam orders, we were tired to canceled theses orders, sometimes more than 20 per days all paid by freshly stolen credit card This module save lots of time by blocking these annoying spammers. Plus, technical support are really helpful !! Thanks a lot for this module, I was really looking after this kind of blocker". Guy G. "Good module to regain performance and block nosy competitors. Easy to install & configure". Oliver S. "After updating the plugin works even more efficiently. I recommended this plugin, it's better than blocking by htaccess and easier than configure hosting". Kamil P. https://www.youtube.com/embed/NX4LEAhhJPs Product Link https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/26644-tor-and-ip-blocker.html
  6. LINK MODULE Purpose of the module The primary aim of the module is to optimize your website by using the creation of rich cards from Google in its recommended format (LD-JSON) and from Twitter, thus fulfilling the recommended actions to improve the positioning and visualization of your website, organization, products, navigation and mobile usability of your online store. The image below shows the difference between not using rich cards on your website, using rich snippets (currently outdated) and the rich cards generated by our module. As you see, there is a big difference, making your website more attractive to search engines and customers. Setting up the module, General Initially the module comes activated with the most common and recommended options for most stores, but you can go to customize and activate extra options that will help you have a more tailored to your needs experience. We will review each of the options available in the module configuration screen. Product Rich Cards: These are the product rich cards. They are generated into the product view and include all the required information for Google to generate the preview. We recommend that you have this option enabled. Category Product Rich Cards: Generates product rich cards when you are within a category, having multiple product cards on a single page. We recommend that you have this option enabled. Ratings on Product: If you have one of the compatible modules (productcomments, gsnippetreviews, owlproductcomments, lgcomments) you can enable this option to generate tags that inform Google of the score/evaluation your products have scored, showing stars in the search engines as shown in the image below. Yotpo App Key: If you use the "Yotpo" service instead of an opinion module, you must enter your API key here. Do not confuse with the password of your user. Thanks to the key we will be able to retrieve the opinions of your customers of the platform "Yotpo" and generate the sections "aggregateRating", although momentarily it is not compatible with the section "review". Product BreadCrumbs: Generates the enriched card "BreadCrumbList" granting the absolute path in your store to the product or products that are being displayed at that moment. Helps search engines to have better knowledge of the structure of their website. We recommend having this option enabled. Store Rich Card: The rich cards will be generated if you have a configured list of stores, otherwise there will be no data with which to generate this list. “Store" type cards will be generated exclusively in the store listing section, not elsewhere. Store Type: Here you can select a category that best suits your business model. The default option is "LocalBusiness" and you should leave it as such if there is no category that comes close to your store type. WebSite y WebPage Rich Card: This option will insert in the contact and main pages all the information related to your business, making it easier for search engines to display information such as your logo, opening hours, GPS location, etc. It’s highly recommended to have this option enabled. Use short description: Some stores make exclusive use of the short description for their items. If this is the case, you must activate this option so the cards are fed from the "short description" field instead of the extended description. It is highly recommended that for your SEO you have both descriptions filled in. Force InStock: If your shop does not make use of product stock control and therefore the units are always at 0, you must activate the option. This will force the "InStock" value of the product card always to true. Price Range: Mandatory option. Search engines use it to classify your website regarding the average cost of your products. Adjust it to the average value fitting your products. HrefLang Tags: If your website offers several languages, you should activate this option. Every time a search engine enters, for example, to the English version of your site, you will also report the links corresponding to the other languages, improving the search engines indexing and increasing your international SEO. It’s highly recommended to have enabled this option whenever you do international business. Twitter Cards: If you regularly share your products through the Twitter social network, this is your option. Thanks to the rich Twitter cards, you will be able to inform about which elements should be shown when sharing, achieving a better presentation of the data to your followers. You should enable this option only if you are planning to use this social network or if you think that your users will share your products through it. A valid username must be set in the "Twitter username" section. Category Twitter Card: Like the previous option, this feature will allow you to generate the suitable information card when you share a link to a category of your website. If you activated the previous option, you should also activate this one. Twitter username: Your Twitter username. It Will be used into social media section and in Twitter cards too. Setting up the module, Website Validation It is usual for many pages such as indexers, search engines or suchlike to require you, before using their services, to verify that the domain for which you are requesting indexation or services belongs to you. With this option, you will save having to embed validation codes in your templates, upload files to your page or having to create tedious entries in your DNS server. Simply fill in the field corresponding to the engine or service for which you want to perform a validation with the value assigned to it for said validation. Currently we allow the validation of the most common services in the network, but if you know another or need it and our module does not include it, you can contact us and we happily will add it in the next version. Keep in mind that the validation of your domain will bring certain added advantages, such as being able to request from Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. which elements you should index, achieving that way a better positioning of your website and saving those search engines time, granting you a better ranking. Setting up the module, Social Media For the generation of the "Organization" tag it is recommended that you specify the different social networks that your business may have. Here it will be enough to add the web address to your different social network profiles. Also, remember that the social media can be really powerful and useful nowadays. Setting up the module, advanced SEO If you have advanced knowledge in SEO you will be able to use the following options to optimize the resources of your page. If not, we recommend that you skip the section. Canonical on Index: Allows you to insert the "canonical" tag on the main page of your store. DNS Prefetch: Allows you to create a list, separated by line breaks, of host names to make DNS Prefetch. Suppose you want to pre-cache a connection to Facebook and Instagram, for that, you would insert both hosts, separated by line breaks, such as facebook.com and Instagram.com. DNS Preconnect: As with DNS Prefecth, you will need to list the names of hosts you want to pre-connect to when you load your home page. It is important that you conduct performance tests before and after configuring DNS options. If you have not noticed any improvement with the pre-connections we recommend that you disable the option. Setting up the module, Theme Snippet Remover The vast majority of themes available on the market and a large part of the existing modules do not meet the 2019 standard for snippets or rich cards This fact ends up resulting in hundreds of errors in your validation console and removing your site from the possibility of being selected to display rich cards Thanks to this new option of our module you will be able to locate which template files are the ones that currently contain snippets, eliminate those references completely without touching the structure and be able to continue only with the structure generated by our module. The first thing you need to do is click on the "Search for Snippets" button. This will launch our heuristic search engine for rich data in your theme and module folder. Once the search is completed you will be shown a summary of paths and files found. Even if our module makes backups, it will not hurt you to make one yourself in case something doesn't work as expected, better safe than sorry. If you have previously made a copy/cleanup, you will see the list after a few seconds. Once the affected files have been listed, you can click on the green button "Make a backup and Remove Snippets". A process will start to copy the original files, which will be saved in their original path under the double extension ".psback.tpl" and to clean the current metadata sections. Be careful not to change tabs or screens during the process, as this may interrupt the task. If you were already having warnings on your Google console, this should be the first step to take, as errors probably come from your current theme. Note that, if you update your theme or modules and the erroneously structured files are copied again, you will have to clean the files once more. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/es/seo-posicionamiento-buscadores/29197-google-rich-snippets-cards-ld-json-twitter.html
  7. Buenas, Por el titulo de tu post entiendo que quieres publicar el módulo de manera gratuita en el marketplace de PrestaShop. Lamento comunicarte que esta opción ya no está disponible desde julio o agosto de este mismo año 2021 (si no recuerdo mal) y ahora todos los módulos publicados deben de tener un precio, el mínimo son 49.99€ + Business Care (Suscripción anual de soporte). Te adjunto la web del Addons PrestaShop donde tiene un tutorial para poder empezar a vender tus módulos. Espero que te sirva de ayuda, Saludos.
  8. Buenas, Una vez modificados los parámetros has probado a reiniciar el servicio Apache?, por otra parte, si aun reiniciando el servicio no te los detecta, prueba a añadir los parámetros también al fichero .htaccess de tu web. Espero que te sirva de ayuda, Saludos.
  9. Buenas, Activa el modo depuración y adjunta una captura de pantalla del error que se te muestra. Por cierto que versión de PHP estás usando? Espero tu respuesta. Saludos,
  10. Buenas, En https://www.udemy.com/ tienes cursos de todo lo que te puedas imaginar (incluido PrestaShop), incluso es posible que encuentres alguno gratuito. Échale un vistazo, seguramente encuentres algo que pueda interesarte. Espero que te sirva de ayuda, Saludos,
  11. Buenas @dostoyevski, Como programador ya sabrás que aunque te haya mostrado un código con una etiqueta <div>, siempre se le pueden aplicar reglas CSS a ese elemento. Yo te he mostrado que elemento es el que necesitas ocultar, a partir de ahí tienes que aplicar dichas reglas CSS para ocultar el elemento. Y no, ni el index.tpl ni el page.tpl contendrá la sección llamada subcategories ya que PrestaShop no imprime toda la vista en un único fichero, está separado por bloques que acaban montando una única vista, tendrás que buscar específicamente cual es el fichero .tpl que imprime dicho bloque. Y como ya sabrás, para realizar una buena praxis, para aplicar reglas propias de CSS, JAMÁS debes de tocar el fichero padre, siempre tendrás que extender de un custom.css donde ahí aplicaras tu propias reglas. PD: Si te ves mejor en el lenguaje de PHP, siempre puedes crear un módulo que haga estas modificaciones. Engánchate al hook de: "displayHeader" y devuelve tu propio fichero .css Saludos,
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