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  1. I installed version 1.7.04 via Bitnomi and then attempted to load themes from website developed and purchased from themeforest. The themes will not upload with the error "invalid file format" . If this is a bug it needs to be corrected quickly. Is there a work around. The developer advised me to load 1.6 - however, I can't get 1.6 Prestashop to work and download on my windows 7 machine. Right now I am not a happy camper. To me it appears the install documentation is missing critical steps for first time users of either 1.7 or 1.6 versions. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Attacked is a screen shot of the error. Is Version 1.7 not backward compatible with version 1.6 files. If this is true it is an issue that needs to be resolved. zip_invalid.doc
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