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  1. www.blissfulbump.com Our store has the same issue we had before where it doesn't display the combination s. I tired deleting the items and re-adding them from scratch, also deleted combinations one at a time, it doesn't help. What ever the combination I am adding, only that one shows up on the site. What ever I pick as a cover image that one shows up first and then the image changes to the other combination. Any thoughts? Here are two sample products http://www.blissfulbump.com/product.php?id_product=123 http://www.blissfulbump.com/product.php?id_product=122
  2. any luck figuring this oput? i am seeing the same thing on my site. www.blissfulbump.com
  3. Did you ever get this figured out... I have a client who would happily pay to have his store set so all the emails, history page and shopping cart would show the prices, taxes, subtotals etc. All the same and in the same format...as it stands now it is almost mpossible to debug.
  4. on line 186 of order-detail.tpl {convertPriceWithCurrency price=($product.product_price * $productQuantity|intval) currency=$currency convert=0} Seems like a basic math operation (product.price * quantity)... can you not do any math operations in the tpl files? I am trying to get a tax value to display on the order history page, but everytime i try to generate the math to give me the tax value, the JS craps out....
  5. I been killing myself getting this to work On the order detail, on both order history and in the order_conf.html, the order detail uses the following for summarizing the products. {if $priceDisplay} {l s='Total products (tax excl.):'} {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->getTotalProductsWithoutTaxes() currency=$currency convert=0} {/if} {l s='NY Sales Tax 8.875%:'} {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->getTotalProductsWithTaxes() currency=$currency convert=0} {if $order->total_discounts > 0} {l s='Total vouchers:'} {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_discounts currency=$currency convert=1} {/if} {if $order->total_wrapping > 0} {l s='Total gift-wrapping:'} {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_wrapping currency=$currency convert=0} {/if} {l s='Total shipping (tax incl.):'} {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_shipping currency=$currency convert=0} {l s='Total:'} {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_paid currency=$currency convert=0} I am trying to get a display of: Subtotal (Total Products excl tax) Tax (Total Product including tax - Total Products excl. Tax) Total Shipping Total Discounts (if any) Total (total paid) When i try to do some simple math for the tax, it either breaks the script completely or gives me zero. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. THanks, Kit
  6. I have emailed you a couple of times in there...but to no avail i guess. Just fire me a line at [email protected] Thanks, Kit
  7. My client is flipping that the tax is included in teh order emails. I would love to know how you did this. Thanks, Kit
  8. Hey there, I took over a site from another developer who dropped the ball on deadlines etc. We have it all working etc. But we just noticed that this clown had actually installed the 1.4 alpha version of the software and not the stable release. Is it even possible to migrate back to the stable release? I am thinking db may be an issue. Thoughts?
  9. THis one has me stumped. www.blissfulbump.com ON every other browser i have, the site loads and runs fine. On the iPad, i just get a white screen with error: Fatal Error: "no default carrier" By searching the codebase i find this is only set in the classes/Cart.php when the $carrier object isn't loaded. the default carrier is set in the admin to UPS ground and, as i said seems to be working everywhere else. THoughts?
  10. did you ever get this to work? i am trying to do the same thing..and get the cover image product thumb url and use it in the og:image meta tag in header.php.
  11. ok will do... of hand...do you know how to call the default image id for a product. I am try to add to header.php a call to place the facebook share meta tags (og:title, og:description and og:image) when the page is a product detail page, but currently nothing is being generated. I suspect that since the page is built dynamically the header.php file, doesnt know what the product is and $product probably isnt even definied at that point. Is there another place i should generate these meta tags so that they are created properly?
  12. Which 3rd party module? The facebook like one? Iwill investigate that. However, I thought with shared links, you can specify meta tags on the page which will be picked up. So I have been trying to get the php together to pass a thumbnail for the product in the form
  13. Perhaps i should have been clearer. Go to your own Facebook page and Share a link to one of our product pages on your wall. http://www.blissfulbump.com/product.php?id_product=62 The thumb that appears is just hte question mark...it should be a product shot.
  14. for some reason, whenever i share a product link on my wall in FB, i get the QUESTIONMARK file not found icon, rahter than any prouct thumbnails. ANy ideas on why? www.blissfulbump.com
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