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  1. The same files and datas of Prestashop. I tried to use many other domains ( include local IP** and Dynamic Domains from other provider) sent test mail..It is ok.. But when I changed it to my own domain. It warned "Authentication failed using username '[email protected]*****.com' and password '************'" Could anybody help me solve it? Thanks very much.... And anybody meet the same problems? Prestashop version is V1.5.3.1.
  2. 同样的网站文件和数据库 试了好几个其他域名,包括其它站提供的动态域名,也试了使用局域网内的IP登录后台,都可以正常发送SMTP测试邮件。 但是换成自己注册的域名就不行,发送失败,提示“Authentication failed using username '[email protected]*****.com' and password '************'”。。。 有谁遇到同样的问题吗?或者有大神可以指点一下吗? Prestashop version
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