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  1. Hello, Can please someone tell me how to duplicate text box module? I need one specific text box on homepage and one other text box with different content in footer, etc.. Can be done that with existing module? Thank you! Kind regards.
  2. Hi I tried on few other computers 2 days ago, but no luck. After long wait now all languages started to work - very strange because i didn't changed anything. Waiting few days more helped me to solve that problem (more days i waited, more languages started to work), i am very happy right now. Thank you for checking with me. Kind regards!
  3. Hi, I would like to share little gift with you. On below link you can find Google Cloud 300$ free credit. It's great if you need to develop your new PrestaShop on a great and fast platform without limitations. Check here: https://google.bitnami.com/ I think you will love it. Kind regards!
  4. Hi, On version 1.7 it's possible to import unlimited products (i tried with 70,000 rows / produtcs in single import).I'm running all instalations on Google Cloud platform and my CPU usage won't go over 12%. For older PrestaShop versions i can't tell you. Regards!
  5. Hi, Did you tried to clear cache? I noticed same "cache" problem on product page, where delivery time tag is placed (shows only first loaded language, because it's cached for faster loading). Kind regards!
  6. Hi, I can pay for solution, but don't know where to find the right person. I will try on Fiverr, but it's hard to find right person there. Any great PrestaShop developer on Fiverr or here? It's very, very strange. More time i wait, more languages starts to work. I didn't changed anything! Looks like just waiting helps. Any idea what to do, except wait more time? Thank you! Kind regards.
  7. In error logs i found apache errors, when shows up when i select "Spanish" or any other non-working language. Any possible option for me? Looks like currency problem. Thank you! Kind regards mod_fcgid: stderr: Stack trace:, referer: http://hugebuy.eu/en/2672-as-seen-on-tv Apache error mod_fcgid: stderr: #0 /var/www/vhosts/hugebuy.eu/httpdocs/vendor/icanboogie/cldr/lib/ProviderChainTrait.php(43): ICanBoogie\\CLDR\\WebProvider->provide('main/es-ES/curr...'), referer: http://hugebuy.eu/en/2672-as-seen-on-tv Apache error mod_fcgid: stderr: #1 /var/www/vhosts/hugebuy.eu/httpdocs/vendor/icanboogie/cldr/lib/ProviderChainTrait.php(43): ICanBoogie\\CLDR\\FileProvider->provide('main/es-ES/curr...'), referer: http://hugebuy.eu/en/2672-as-seen-on-tv Apache error mod_fcgid: stderr: #2 /var/www/vhosts/hugebuy.eu/httpdocs/vendor/icanboogie/cldr/lib/Repository.php(124): ICanBoogie\\CLDR\\RunTimeProvider->provide('main/es-ES/curr...'), referer: http://hugebuy.eu/en/2672-as-seen-on-tv Apache error mod_fcgid: stderr: #3 /var/www/vhosts/hugebuy.eu/httpdocs/vendor/icanboogie/cldr/lib/Locale.php(164): ICanBoogie\\CLDR\\Repository->fetch('main/es-ES/curr...'), referer: http://hugebuy.eu/en/2672-as-seen-on-tv Apache error mod_fcgid: stderr: #4 /var/www/vhosts/hugebuy.eu/httpdocs/vendor/icanboogie/cldr/lib/LocalizedCurrency.php(58): ICanBoogie\\CLDR\\Locale->offsetGet('currencies'), referer: http://hugebuy.eu/en/2672-as-seen-on-tv Apache error
  8. Hi, I made many tests today but situation is still very wierd. Please check below languages list, you will see working and non-working languages. Any idea what to do next to fix that? I tried many things, but no susscess. Thank you for help. Kind regards! Working languages: http://hugebuy.eu/en/ http://hugebuy.eu/si/ http://hugebuy.eu/de/ http://hugebuy.eu/hr/ http://hugebuy.eu/it/ http://hugebuy.eu/fi/ http://hugebuy.eu/sk/ http://hugebuy.eu/nl/ http://hugebuy.eu/no/ Non-workig languages: http://hugebuy.eu/es/ http://hugebuy.eu/fr/ http://hugebuy.eu/pt/ http://hugebuy.eu/el/ http://hugebuy.eu/et/ http://hugebuy.eu/da/ http://hugebuy.eu/ro/ http://hugebuy.eu/bg/ http://hugebuy.eu/hu/ http://hugebuy.eu/lt/ http://hugebuy.eu/lv/ http://hugebuy.eu/ru/ http://hugebuy.eu/bg/ http://hugebuy.eu/sv/ http://hugebuy.eu/cs/
  9. Thank you for checking. It's very weird because i really don't know what exactly i did to fix non working languages. I hope i will find solution for the rest of non working languages too. Kind regards!
  10. Hmm after website check, looks like missing CSS styles for me. To clear cache, please navigate to Advanced Parameters > Performance If clearing cache doesn't help, then i recommend you to do little CSS customizing and your ratings will look OK after that. Kind regards!
  11. To me looks like broken CSS (or missing). Can you provide me website link, so i can check? Did you tired to clear cache? Kind regards!
  12. Yes, file is located here: YOUR_MAIN_FILES / themes / classic / modules / ps_imageslider / views / templates / hook / slider.tpl I did quick look, and you need to do something inside "<li class="carousel-item {if $smarty.foreach.homeslider.first}active{/if}">". I will check full solution in 7 days (i need full solution for me too) and then reply with tutorial here. Kind regards!
  13. Hi, I noticed same problem. In code is missing element "<a href="#"></a>". For sure it can be fixed in code module, but if you don't know how to start, i sugguest you to create simple button inside slider description. Or you can try to create full width link in description field (you must know little HTML & CSS for that job). I hope that helps you. Regards!
  14. UPDATE: I disabled DEBUG mode in backoffice, and now languages loads without error. It's that normal for PrestaShop?
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