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  1. Latest 1.6 version Default theme --- I have an error with popup windows, which will be in gray and not responsive: 1- In mobile view, while clicking quick view: http://imgur.com/WZj7v5j 2- In checkout page while clicking (Read the term of services). http://imgur.com/ic2sXpB
  2. Thank you very much it worked. But I couldn't make in the override, so I added the new codes directly in both classes/Carrier.php and controllers/admin/AdminCarrierWizardController.php It works nicely now for me. Do you think I did a mistake by adding directly to the original files?
  3. Thank you Nemo, I did everything you said, even after deleting the class index and enabling override, I don't see the field.
  4. Thank you for your swift reply, I appreciate the instructions you suggested. However, I'm not well-versed in PHP programming and it's difficult for me to apply unless I have specific and clear instructions. I attempted to search in cart.php, but it didn't help. Can you please provide step-by-step clear instructions? Thank you in advance.
  5. Using latest 1.6 version Standard theme I have different types of shipping carrier, one of them is the same day delivery which I want to disable in specific day of week,for example available all days of week except Saturday.
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