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  1. modul ist off, cache is cleared, css-cache and js-caching turned off. May the Modul have some trouble with our so called "Umlaute": ä-ü-ö? Thank you very much for trying to solve the problem!
  2. frontend: https://www.kuscheltier.boutique/ do you need a loggin to the backend?
  3. Unfortunately, rebuilding the complete index does not help. We tried with different browsern, using windows 10.
  4. Thank you for developing this nice searchbar. I tried it with prestashop-version The search works fine, but it doesn't display the results in a preview list. Has anyone else tried in It's not a big difference between the 1.7.1 -versions and ohter moduls work fine. Therefore I'm not sure if the problem is the version or our template. greeting from germany
  5. Thank you very much for this great module! The new version works fine on prestashop All problems we had with the last version are solved: Its now much easier to customize und works fine with bootstrap. One little thing is left: there is no translation for the comment blog, I had to change the comment.tpl to translate to german ;-)
  6. Good Morning ;-) No chance to install on prestashop, causes the following error: "2G" is not a valid maximum size... What could be wrong? Update: solved. after copying the unpacked module into the modules directory, I was able to install. Now I have the same problems other described: no right column, htmlmark-up in the posts an no chance to change the number of colums on frontpage. I'm using a bootstrap based template. May this cause the problems? How can I solve it? The described solution in this post fixes not my errors :-(
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