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  1. It how it should work in theory, in practice this message often is consequence of bugs in payment/shipping module or even PS itself.
  2. If you don't want reinstall this module to add themeconfigurator to new Hook, just add: $this->registerHook('beforeFooter'); to hookdisplayHeader(), refresh homepage of the shop, and remove this line.
  3. I solved this problem (PS in \controllers\front\ManufacturerController.php → function assignAll() (near end of file). There was IF statement with PS_DISPLAY_SUPPLIERS: if (Configuration::get('PS_DISPLAY_SUPPLIERS')) { $data = Manufacturer::getManufacturers(false, $this->context->language->id, true, false, false, false); $nbProducts = count($data); $this->n = abs((int)Tools::getValue('n', Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE'))); $this->p = abs((int)Tools::getValue('p', 1)); $data = Manufacturer::getManufacturers(true, $this->context->language->id, true, $this->p, $this->n, false); $this->pagination($nbProducts); foreach ($data as &$item) { $item['image'] = (!file_exists(_PS_MANU_IMG_DIR_.$item['id_manufacturer'].'-'.ImageType::getFormatedName('medium').'.jpg')) ? $this->context->language->iso_code.'-default' : $item['id_manufacturer']; } $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'pages_nb' => ceil($nbProducts / (int)$this->n), 'nbManufacturers' => $nbProducts, 'mediumSize' => Image::getSize(ImageType::getFormatedName('medium')), 'manufacturers' => $data, 'add_prod_display' => Configuration::get('PS_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY_DISPLAY') )); } else { $this->context->smarty->assign('nbManufacturers', 0); } I just added || 1==1 like this: if (Configuration::get('PS_DISPLAY_SUPPLIERS') || 1==1) {
  4. The reference field can be found in ps_product_attribute ( for combinations ) too.
  5. In PS 1.7 i did: {if $product.customer_group_discount > 0} <strong>You will pay {$product.customer_group_discount*100}%</strong> less! <strong class="regular">{( $product.price_amount/(1-$product.customer_group_discount) )|round:2}$<strong> {/if}
  6. If you can't find paymentOptions you should check "Display non-positionable hook" box.
  7. I did this in Prestashop 1.7 classic theme by replacing default quantity touchSpin in: /checkout/_partials/cart-detailed-product-line.tpl /catalog/_partials/product-add-to-cart.tpl - this one is used in quick view too so be aware of that Input number paramaters are: min="{$product.minimal_quantity}" step="{$product.minimal_quantity}" In cart-detailed-product-line.tpl touchSpin selector is on input[name] (product-quantity-spin) so you should change selector (e.x. add extra class) in \themes\classic\_dev\js\cart.js var spinnerSelector = 'input[name="product-quantity-spin"]'; I tried to use $().touchSpin() step property, but in cart butons +, - trigger different events. You can hide default input[number] arrows with: .input-number { -moz-appearance:textfield; } .input-number::-webkit-inner-spin-button, .input-number::-webkit-outer-spin-button { -webkit-appearance: none; margin: 0; } If someone change input value by typing and value is between steps you can correct this using function below: function roundStep(number, step, min) { return Math.round((number - min) / step ) * step + min; }
  8. The correct path to do this in classic theme is: /public_html/themes/classic/modules/ps_featuredproducts/views/templates/hook/ps_featuredproducts.tpl
  9. Below "Position" you have button in polish version they translate "Reorder" as "Order again" not "Change order". Maybe they make same mistake in your language. You need to click this button.
  10. This option is available since PS 1.7.3.
  11. It is available now but unfortunately quite uncomfortable when used in all products.
  12. Preinstalowana Nawigacja fasetowa PS1.7 czy Blok filtrów nawigacyjnych 1.6 nie wystarczają? Jakbym chciał uzyskać podobny efekt to spróbowałbym najpierw z nimi.
  13. Go to Performance tab and switch debug on, you will get more informations in error message.
  14. You can make second button with id="add_to_card2" and simply trigger first button with jQuery. $( "#add_to_cart2" ).on( "click", function() { $( "#add_to_cart button" ).trigger( "click" ); });
  15. I changed only this, and searchbar, sorting and filters work now.
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