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  1. add new url is to purchase the theme again..how can i contact prestashop team directly on this issue??
  2. hello i have a problem, i have purchase a theme and download it successfully after the purchase, but now the theme has an update and i can't download it in this site..(my theme is not expired yet) everytime i am trying to download the theme with the update, a pop up is appeared with a bar to choose my site domain, but there are no options to choose from. see photo attached btw i am currently have problems connecting my prestashop account to my prestashop store so download from there is not an option for me. i have contact the developers and they refereed me to prestashop support, but i couldn't find a way to contact them except this forum, every time i go to contact us, the page is referring me to the developer again and it is very frustrating to contact prestashop team if not impossible, there is not even one mail address for contact and no live chat. i will appreciate all help in that matter since my theme is going to expire soon and i will not be able to download the update. thank you and have a good day!
  3. hello i am using prestashop and when i try to add a product( a shirt) with multiple combinations and to each combination i select a photo from the photos i have attached to the product i can't save and get at the top right a red message that the setting can not be saved or something like that.. i used several browsers i have also tried that on windows and then on OS X. no luck what so ever.. i have attached the console image for the debugger i believe the problem file are in admin/themes/new-theme/public/bundle.js
  4. hello, i recently started working with prestashop. i created a product and combination for the product, and when i try to edit the product the save button sometimes works and sometimes does not work.. this is really frustrating..for 5 minutes i added pictures for each combinations to find out i cant save the changes.. when i click save instead of green popup to the top left there is red one with the error the changes won't saved or something like that. i opened the console and this is the error that repeating itself - SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data jQuery.parseJSON() bundle.js:9865 send/<.error() form.js:876 jQuery.Callbacks/fire() bundle.js:5088 jQuery.Callbacks/self.fireWith() bundle.js:5218 done() bundle.js:10660 .send/callback/<() bundle.js:11024 done() bundle.js:10660 .send/callback/<() bundle.js:11024 my biggest problem is that i have purchased a theme and now i'm stuck with this frustrating system. maybe the theme is the problem? i purchase this theme: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/electronics-computers-themes/26105-high-tech-supermarket.html how can i fix that bug??
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