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  1. Dobrý den, také sháním funkční modul Geis Point pro Prestashop 1.6 za rozumnou cenu. Poradíte někdo? Zdeněk Malý https://www.domibaby.cz/
  2. I have problem to install XIPBLOG. https://github.com/xpert-idea/xipblog I download zip file xipblog-master.zip from github, unzip to local drive, rename folder xipblog-master to xipblog and copy to modules directory in my site When i refresh modules i get 2 errors errors: 2 xipblog (parsing error in /modules/xipblog/xipblog.php) xipblog (missing class in /modules/xipblog/xipblog.php) Please help me to install this blok. Thank You Zdenek www.domibaby.cz
  3. I have same problem Code found outside of <head> tag Information from Google Tag Assistant Is there any solution? Prestashop API Google Analytics v1.2.2 Google Analytics v2.3.4 www.domibaby.cz
  4. Hi, is it possible custom order (sorting) of new products in "block new" on homepage instead order by date added? Or select new products only from user specified category? For featured product is option select from category available, but for "block new" not. Prestashop, default Default-bootstrap. Zdenek www.domibaby.cz
  5. Taky to zrovna řeším, chtěl bych si vybrat jen určité produkty, které chci mít jako nové a ještě si je uživatelsky seřadit a ne aby se mi rovnaly podle toho jak je přidám a ze všech kategorií. Podařilo se to někomu vyřešit? www.domibaby.cz
  6. Díky za info, asi to tak taky budu řešit.
  7. Taky řeším tento problém, podařilo se vám ho vyřešit? www.domibaby.cz
  8. Thans for reply, i found this solution on internet. http://www.clauzi.ro/prestashop/prestashop-product-name-undefined#respond
  9. Hello, i Need help with heading structure of Prestashop homepage. On analyzer: http://www.seowebpageanalyzer.com/ i get this error (see atached file) my shop is: http://www.domibaby.cz Analyzer say: we detected errors in heading structure... Assistive technologies such as screen readers use heading tags (h1-h6) to give visitors an overview of a page without the need for them to read through the entire content. Search engines can read headings to determine the importance of page sections. They can then use this information to gauge the page's 'weight' for the search engine listings. Would a visitor using a Screen Reader be able to quickly find the information they want from these headings? How can i repair this error? How can i chage headins as i want? When i edit product-list.tpl and chage h5 to H3, i got good result, but i lost product name in other page (product list grid), i see "unidentified" instead "product name" Thanks for advice
  10. I solve problem, bud i dont know how, I make local database copy to xampp, copy Prestashop from from early local backup to xampp, delete all cache, regenerate .htaccess ... and on local shop start working. Then I copy all prestashop files to web, delete cache on web and shop start working. I dont know, where was problem.
  11. Hello, please i need help with Prestashop version When i will try finish order, i get this error HTTP Error 500. This is same Error as when i will try send password recovery as customer. I disable all newly installed modules, but still no succes. I disable all non original prestashop modules, no succes In debug mode I get: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ReflectionException' with message 'Class Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder does not exist' in /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php:308 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php(308): ReflectionClass->__construct('Swift_Mime_Cont...') #1 /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php(112): Swift_DependencyContainer->_createNewInstance('mime.safeqpcont...') #2 /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php(369): Swift_DependencyContainer->lookup('mime.safeqpcont...') #3 /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php(347): Swift_DependencyContainer->_lookupRecursive('mime.safeqpcont...') #4 /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php(129): Swift_DependencyContainer->_resolveArgs(Array) #5 /var/www/domibaby.me in /var/www/domibaby.mediaportaly.tv/www/tools/swift/classes/Swift/DependencyContainer.php on line 308 Many thanks for any advice Sorry for my english. Zdenek
  12. Zkoušel jsem na verzi a mám ten samý problém: Zdravím mám problém, že jsem zkopíroval uvedené soubory ale generování faktur přestalo fungovat. Když klepnu na zobrazit fakturu ukáže se jen bílá stránka. Problém nastává, když zkopíruji soubor HTML Template.php, do té doby generování faktur funguje ovšem ve špatném formátu. Po nakopírování zméněného soubory faktury nefungují vůbec.
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