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  1. i agree but this module really works for me - im on a shared hosting and the amount of logged bots (in _psguest) was making the sites completely unusable. hope you have the same luck
  2. i installed a module on both of my sites. it does the same (and more) as the sql scripts i posted earlier on this thread..... Every now and again i hit the clean buttons. I get tones of bots too. Sped the sites up - but note: you'll kill any customers checkouts so i press the clean button when i'm not anticipating many orders. !!!!Def backup your db before you install it and press any buttons!!! https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/database-optimization.html
  3. As you suggested - I uninstalled the module and this time installed the latest version. It was the db table missing. All sorted Really appreciate your help (again)! Thank you!
  4. thanks for your help. I also thought that a table of my db got messed up or deleted - so i reverted to a backup and then an even older backup. Problem persists. I know that the problem wasn't there in the backup as i ran a test buy previously and everything was fine. In regard to the backup bit: I was wanting to upgrade my store but i was worried that the one click upgrade would ruin the shop - so to test on a dev version: i created a subdomain on another .com domain i had - uploaded all the files via ftp. I then manually did a find replace (notepad++) on a sql backup of my main the store (to the point it to the subdomain url) and uploaded the sql backup to the dev site. I did the upgrade on teh dev site and everything seemed to work. Then this problem with the main site. My thought was that there was something in the dev site that i upgraded that was still pointing to the main site? Im too much of a noob to know
  5. I was testing a copy of my 1.6 site on a dev area of my shared hosting before i upgrade it. Now when i go back to the actual live site i get this error - it only shows when i enable my one page checkout module. Any idea what might be up and what i might try to get it fixed? Table 'panga_2020.ps_kb_checkout_behaviour_stats' doesn't exist SELECT * FROM ps_kb_checkout_behaviour_stats WHERE id_cart = 5852 LIMIT 1
  6. I have knowbrands OPC supercheckout - is there an upload attachment feature that is always on. I have disabled my upload attachment in the actual PS engine. On 1.6 myself
  7. Im not sure what to change. There's only 2 files in my themes / img directory that look like my logo - called 'myshop-logo-1487468201.jpg' & '[email protected]' My logo is coming out blurry and small on mobile devices
  8. what are specs of your image size in Photoshop and what are you exporting at (resolution) and in what format? It was my understanding that PS reduces your images for you - but i could be wrong. Id actually like clarification on this myself. Maybe someone has a omptimum process and image specs for PS ...would be useful to see.
  9. for me (on my hosting) you can make the selection - one step/screen before i get to the phpmyadmin screen. If you see my screenshot - its where i select what db i want to look at - you can see ive blanked out my db names. I can have as many db's as i like...maybe you can only have one db???? Maybe ask ur hosting if there is a set privileges type button - as in my example
  10. I have ipage hosting that is poor and causes timeouts like i think you get. I found a little trick with ipage that lets me reset the time for the user that you use to connect ur site to the db. see the image. Maybe it will work for you? All i do it click the 'set privileges' and it resets the 'timer'. Please note - i am a noob with all this so i might be talking out my arse but it does work for me - not sure about mid request. Anyway if it did work id use Au3Record to keep doing the button hits every 2 mins.
  11. I haven't heard of it - but I'm installing it right now. Thanks again for your help!
  12. it was recommended on another site also. Thanks for your help. so glad you told me - ive got a bit of a habit of destroying my shop!
  13. Thanks for the help. Last time i used beyond compare to check every file with old backups that i had saved. Im was thinking i'll reinstall the latest version of 1.6 (locally) and connect to a copy of my current database, reload all my products via csv and my modules - then do a compare. Does the 'Prestools to export' method do this/similar - is it a module? ive never seen shop-rescue in the backoffice...
  14. I got hit last year by this bot so i reverted to a back up and removed the phpunit directories. Now the damn thing it back again but this time causing us to have all my sites shut down on my hosting. Can anyone point me to a good guide so i can check where to look for all the parts of the malware? Thanks
  15. i removed all the phpunit directories and i just got hit again. has anyone got a good check list of what files in PS that i need to look for the malware?
  16. I was looking at this one: https://jpresta.com/en/home/1-page-cache.html But will i see any real benefits? I just wanted to know if anyone else had one installed in a PS 7.X site. Maybe you know of another really good one? Thanks
  17. what about: ps_condition_advice - can it be truncated?
  18. This is so old but ...did anyone fix this ive never had it working but id like to see what it does
  19. thanks for the help!. I cant even see the Gamification module in my 1.7 Prestashop site. Does it def show up as this in 1.7 modules and services section of the backoffice? I suspect that i might have already removed it..
  20. Yes - ive cleared the cache. the error is generated every time i move around in the backoffice. If that helps at all?
  21. After rolling back the php version i still get the error (on php 5.6) If i go to the place detailed in the error in the server log file: smarty_internal_templatebase.php(188): I get: $_template->properties['unifunc']($_template); Ive no idea what this is, if it is causing the error that only seems to happen when i navigate around the back office.
  22. Thanks for the help - after a read ...it didnt solve the error but thanks anyway!
  23. My hosting is going to turn off PHP 5.6 which worried me as my might not work? So i changed it to 7.0... Please an anyone help me find out what this error means and if possible direct me on how to sort out the problem? Thanks in advance Error: PHP Fatal error: Call to protected method LinkCore::getBaseLink() from context '' in
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