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  1. Hi, I've just solved using the Search.php file of regards
  2. Hi all, I should start to work on the same topic. What's your status? May you share your work? Ciao Jacky
  3. HI, which release are you using? You can find the full prestashop installation files here http://www.prestashop.com/en/developers-versions ciao Jacky
  4. Hi, it could be very useful an hook related with the end of a new order status assignment. Currently there are two hooks in this area but they're not able to be related with the new order status (the first hook is raised before the status is changed, the second one during the order status updates). Currently, using these hooks it's not possible to analyze the "new status" and if necessary to assign a new one because after the hook execution the OrderHistory is updated with the "old" order history status. Think in this way. If the new order status is "AAA" then, after some checks, I would like to move the order to the status BBB. At the end, currently the last order status will still be AAA and not my BBB properly added to order history using the API. Regards,
  5. Hi Razaro, your solution is working very well. Thanks a lot. Also in my opinion it was a bug. My message was about this issue for sure, but also about the received email from Prestashop. For sure it's been a misunderstanding between me and the developer, I hope everything it's clear now and Razaro's solution will be integrated in the SVN. Regards, Jacky
  6. Hi, today I've received the following email by Prestashop. "Dear, Thank you for reporting us this problem in this link : http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFI-4014. After an analysis of this problem, it turns out you are facing a user issue. Our support team which is in charge of this type of issue will contact you as soon as possible. We are however facing an important demand of free support and it can take a little while until we can help you. You can get some support information on the following site : http://support.prestashop.com/en/ To resolve you problem, you have to buy 1 intervention ticket in this link : http://support.prestashop.com/en/tickets-support/9-14.html, either 149 € Taxe excluded. You can also suscribe to a pack in this link : http://support.prestashop.com/en/2-packs-support. Kind Regards" Everybody can check the issue I opened as community member. I think there's a bug. Maybe I'm wrong, but currently on 1_4_7_0 you still can create an account using a not valid email such "[email protected]". It's possible I'm wrong and the issue is not present, or it's also possible I awfully reported that, but Prestashop can't ask me money to solve it because it's not a specific issue, but a platform issue. As many other community members I try to improve the platform. I'll wait an answer from Prestashop, hoping it's been a big misunderstanding. Regards,
  7. Ciao, alla fine ho dovuto, tramite il meccanismo di override di Prestashop, rivedere alcuni metodi del carrello per calcolare l'iva in base ai prodotti che sono nel pacco. ciao Jacky
  8. Ciao, mi pare che per gestire il caso dei cerchioni non dovresti usare le combinazioni dei prodotti. Per il magazzino invece, nelle preferenze, tab prodotti, puoi spegnere la gestione di magazzino. ciao Jacky
  9. Have you temporary switched off the template compilation? It's necessary to compile again to have modifications applied in the tpl files. In the BO "preferences/Performance/Force compile" must be set to true, then display what you need on the site and then move back the Force Compile setting to Off.
  10. Hi, why don't you exactly post your issue to the Prestashop bug tracking system? A crash is not the proper behavior for a platform. If the issue will be solved, you'll be able to use the new version to build the store. Regards, Jacky75
  11. Hi, which version are you using? Are you sure the <br> are stripped out and it's not related with the theme you're applying to the store? can you check in product description HTML source or directly within the database? Regards,
  12. May you better specify what you want to do? product_id is already available in product-list.tpl, you don't need any override.
  13. Hi, same issue received yesterday on a CentOS system and not present on a Debian system. On the CentOS system I had to increase the PHP "memory_limit" setting. You can try to make the same using the htaccess if your hosting allow you, or you could ask to your hosting to make it for you. Ciao
  14. Hi, it's not possible to make what you need using the field "Additional shipping cost:" for each product? you can specify additional cost on each product. Then you could work on the shipping cost, if you want you can make them set to zero. For sure it could be necessary to insert the shipping cost on each product... but if you don't have a rule to apply shipping cost by total weigh... Regards, Jacky
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