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  1. Hello, I have an issue that breaks my search from time to time. So everything is indexed and works fine - for the moment. After a while it doesn't give me any results anymore. When I check the index, it's still 100% complete. Right now it seems to temporary help to re-index everything. But I mean...that can't be long-term the solution :/ Does anyone have some experience how and why the - working - index gets messed up from time to time? Btw. I'm using
  2. Ich hatte mir vor einer Weile mal das Konto von Holvi angeguckt, aber da gibt es nicht nennenswertes in Verbindung mit Prestashop, oder?
  3. Welche Probleme hattet ihr denn so mit PayPal?
  4. Hmm, merkst du das tatsächlich schon? Diese ganzen "neuen" Zahlungsmethoden interessieren mich ja irgendwie null Also auch als Konsument.
  5. Ahoi, ausnahmsweise gibt es hier mal keine Frage zu irgendeinem Problem, sondern mich interessieren eher eure allgemeinen Erfahrungen. Was für Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bietet ihr an bzw. wie? Also an sich reicht mir Banküberweisung. PayPal muss wohl dazu, weil es so populär ist. Ich meine, ich benutze es als Kunde ja auch gerne. Sofortüberweisung ist noch interessant. Kreditkarte hätte ich insofern gerne, um ü18 Sachen zu verkaufen. Habt ihr lauter Einzel-Module, oder eins, das alles zusammenfasst? Und wie geht ihr mit den eventuellen Gebühren um? Ich würde mir dafür gerne ein Modul holen, dass Aufschläge für gewisse Zahlungsmethoden berechnet, um das wieder auszugleichen...
  6. Hmm, I guess, I solved it. A while I changed the URL-Scheme. For example I removed "content/" from the path, so it looks better. Long story shot: It didn't work. So I changed it back et voila - now it's fine again.
  7. Hello, Yes, this is one of those URL-topics. For some reasons link rewrite doesn't really work on my shop. Or lets say it works 50:50. So it's totally fine with products and categories, and I guess modules - but not for anything else like: - sitemap - cart - contact - cms pages I was told that the server is running fine and mod_rewrite is enabled. Also I tried nearly every combination of options that the backoffice has to offer (disable MultiViews etc.). Right now, as an example, when I select a CMS page through the backoffice and click on "preview", it redirects the "page not found" page. I also deleted the .htaccess file, so it gets regenerated after saving the new settings. Version is Can anyone help?
  8. I guess one thing that was missing was the line "Require valid-user". I managed to at least get the Login-Popup, but after entering the password, I got redirected to an error-page. So there was probably still something wrong with the path to the password-file. While investigating the correct part, I found an option to activate a password in the server's controlpannel, which turned out to be the most easiest way. But thanks to everyone who answered. I'll mark razaro's answer as the solution, because I guess it might be the most useful one if others someday search this thread.
  9. I just tried over and over again. It just doesn't work...
  10. Thank you for those. But I already googled and tried that. So my initial question is more about what I'm doing wrong. Because right now I see zero effect after setting it up :/
  11. The version is - and it's been a while since the last update. So in the end, is this Table essential or not?
  12. Hello, I would like to give my shop a password-protection as an alternative for the maintenance mode. But I guess I'm doing something wrong... 1. Where do I place this file? I thought in the root-folder of the shop, which would be /httpdocs...? 2. There is already a .htaccess file. Can I just paste the password-part inside it? Anyplace? Somewhere specific? That's what I did, at least I thought so. But there won't be any pop-up that asks for a password...
  13. Yes, it sounds odd, but I'm pretty sure. The only table I found is ps_product (without _shop). The shop works fine, the only thing I noticed is that I can't check "available for order" for a product in the backoffice. Don't know if it's because of this. This mainly means: When a product is imported (CSV) it actually IS available for order. As soon as I change something about it and click on "save", it can't be ordered anymore and I can't activate this feature manually.
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