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  1. Have had a look at my backlink profile from ahrefs, there were a decent amount that needed fixing, all of them 301 redirected now, however I still get "pagenotfound" in my visitor stats. By now I think I need to fix the Stats/Pages not found module, does anyone have an idea why there is nothing stored there when there I can see that visitors hit "pagenotfound" on my visitor stats..? Also, I have no data in my stats for catalog statistics, pages not found and search data.. probably related? what can be configured wrong?
  2. Hello Vilius, thanks for replying.. Yes I have checked stats>pages not found, but there is nothing stored there.. Actually I believe I have some kind of problem in the setup of my stats, I have data for numer of visitors, orders, abandoned carts, browsers etc. But I have no data on the product statistics and catalog statistics, pages not found and search data.. Maybe this is related? Or maybe a seperate issue, I will take care of that later, right now 404's are my priority no. 1. This is a new site and offcourse all URL's have changed from my old shop system, but before I moved I made a list of all indexed URL's and have setup 301's from all of them. Surely there can be a lot of links out there that is not indexed but still send traffic to a 404, and I suspect that is what is happening, but how do I find out what the broken URL's are so I can fix them?
  3. Hello, I am new to Prestashop, I have just opened my shop 14 days ago, shop works great and is a huge upgrade on my previous quite dated Joomla system.. Generally the system works very well, but I still need to adress a lot of smaller things that needs to be fixed regarding design and functionality.. However, a BIG concern is that I see a lot of "pagenotfound" hits on the visitors online stats page (see attached screenshot) I need to fix this problem ASAP, how can I see which links/pages triggers these pagenotfound occurences? https://imgur.com/a/RAk8w
  4. Hello all, I am working on a new shop in PS1.7.1.2, my first one on this platform, I am very excited to move to Presta from the sinking ship that was Joomla.. My new shop is up and running and I am seeing a couple of sales every day this week and I am now in the process of optimizing and streamlining everything. I can see in google analytics that my bounce rate is at about 70%, that is way too high, I am not sure if some of this is due to relatively high number of bots and crawlers I have on the page and the relatively low number of actual people visiting the site (my traffic is adwords fueled right now..) but I would like to fight this issue. Now I know that some of this is related to page speed as I know I can optimize that aspect further, but when I look at what my customers see when they land on my page (no proper landing page at this point, adwords traffic arrives odirectly on product pages) the layout of the productpage concerns me a little. When a customer arrive at the product page on a laptop they see only some images, the product price and add to cart button and the relatively short text in the summary. I believe some customers would think "oh thats not a whole lot of info about this product, bye bye" thinking that the summary is all there is and never seeing the whole text in the description I have spent so much time to create.. I would like to put a "read more" button or simply a text hyperlink at the bottom of every product summary, that when pressed scrolls directly to the product tabs or æproduct description text further down the page, how can this be achieved? Thanks in advance for any help! /Jak
  5. Du kan prøve at køre din side igennem denne her test og se om du bliver klogere på om der er noget der hænger: https://tools.pingdom.com/ Men det er måske kun i backoffice du oplever at siden er langsom? Prøv en anden browser, husk at rense cache både i prestashop og browseren. Har du for nyligt lavet ændringer i koden eller installeret plugins/addons på siden?
  6. Noone knows..? ;-) I should have thought this would be an easy nut to crack for someone that has been working with PS for a while.. Good karma to be sent out to anyone who can point me in the right direction!
  7. Hello all, new to Prestashop here, hope to have a helping hand from the good folks here on the forum! :-) I am on PS and trying to setup some "kinda landing page like" very simple CMS pages composed of some text and a couple of buttons, and would like to add some background images in full width, I would like to be able to control what particular background is on what page as they will be somewhat related tto the particular message on the page. However, as simple a task as this probably is, I can not work it out, been spending way too much time tryiung to figure this out already.. ;-) Been googlin' like crazy, but every solution I can find seems to be for version 1.6 and earlier, and a lot has been changed in the core since those days I reckon.. Can someone point me in the right direction, I would like to code a background image on a particular CMS page directly with html/inline CSS..? Thanks in advance guys and gals! :-)
  8. Hello, hopefully you have resolved your issue by now, but if not and also for good use for anyone stumpling across this thread looking to resolve the same issue: I have just been looking for the solution to this very problem too, and found it in this thread, kindly provided by the bellini developer: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/623679-help-to-remove-social-title-mr-mrs-in-v172/
  9. Hello all. I am in the process of moving my established webshop from Joomla to Prestashop, so far I am very excited about all the possibilities, and hope to receive a little help from the forum here.. :-) I am looking for a way to show shipping info on the product page, I am not running stock management in prestashop, but would like to be able to control manually what shipping info is shown and be able to switch easily between my 4 or 5 standard info messages (In stock: delivery time 1-2 days/On order: delivery time 5-7 days/On order: delivery time 8-12days/Sold out: In stock again soon etc.) I have different suppliers on items in the same category.. I bought this plugin from mypresta: https://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/product-page-content-blocks.html I intended to make a "template product" with the 5 standard messages in 5 blocks on the same product page hook switched off and then as I duplicate the template product and fill out all the info on my new products simply switch on the correct block, and then be able to switch easily in the future. However it doesnt really fit the bill, as the blocks are not duplicated when i duplicate the template product, and I need to start from scratch again on the new product. Does anyone know of a module that can do what I need easily, a super nice feature would be to have a overview of what messages where shown on which products and be able to switch directly from category view or something similar.. All help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  10. Skulderklap til dig Prestafan1234, det var præcis opsætningen af moms på grupper der var sat til ex.moms. Mange tak for assistancen! :-)
  11. Hej alle, vil lige give mit besyv med her, er helt ny indenfor Prestashop men ikke ny indenfor e-commerce og hosting.. ;-) Kommer også fra Meebox som jeg var glad for og blev så flyttet til Unoeuro da de blev solgt, har været rimelig irriteret over deres kontrolpanel da jeg var mægtig glad for cpanel, så i forbindelse med opdatering af min hovedbutik hvor jeg skulle flytte platform til Prestashop bestemte jeg mig for også at skifte hosting, jeg undersøgte markedet rimelig grundigt efter bedste evne, og overvejede kraftigt en udenlandsk løsning men bestemte mig alligevel for at blive i DK, jeg valgte den billigste Pro-løsning hos cHosting.dk og har indtil videre været meget tilfreds, Prestashop version installeret på PHP7.0, installationen gik fint og det kører godt og hurtigt på serveren. Support hos chosting har svaret indenfor minutter når jeg har skrevet til dem (har dog kun skrevet indenfor kontortid..) Indtil videre er jeg glad og tryg ved min nye hostingløsning, vil holde øje med denne tråd og opdatere når der er gået lidt tid.. :-)
  12. ..og jeg har i øvrigt forsøgt efter bedste evne at søge i forum og på google, alle løsninger jeg kan finde omhandler PS16 og virker ikke i PS17.. ;-)
  13. Hej alle, jeg er ny indenfor Prestashop, har haft netbutik bygget på Joomla/K2 i nogle år men har efter nøje vurdering af de forskellige CMS valgt at Prestashop er den bedste løsning for mig fremover. Har sat en butik op i version og er nu i gang med det store arbejde med tilretning af detaljer og oprettelse af kategorier og varer og er indtil videre meget glad for Prestashop som virker gennemarbejdet og proffesionelt! Jeg har det problem at jeg ikke kan finde en indstilling for om priser skal vises med eller uden moms, dansk moms er sat op og siden henvender sig kun til danske kunder, alligevel kører den efter amerikansk model med priser uden "tax" i hele butikken og så "tax" på tilsidst i checkout forløbet, dette er naturligvis ikke en farbar vej overfor danske privatkunder. Kan det virkeligt være rigtigt at der ikke er sådan en indstilling i PS17, jeg har set at man kan tilkøbe et modul der viser både prisen med og uden moms, dette vil jeg kunne leve med da jeg også har erhvervskunder en gang imellem, men jeg vil helst undgå for mange 3rd party addons hvis jeg kan og så er der vel heller ikke nogen grund til at købe et modul hvis funktionaliteten findes i PS, og det bare er mig der ikke kan finde den..? ;-) Er der nogen der kan hjælpe mig lidt på vej? På forhånd tak, mvh. Jakob
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