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  1. I have problem on IE11, and Chrome >> when click on any post button Read More >> getting below bug/error. [Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead Any experience, any solution? Note: Funny, on Edge browser is working. Thanks.
  2. Hello, need help regarding module Cash on delivery with fee (COD) v0.7.3 - by PrestaShop which I running under prestashop version 1.6.11. The module works fine on IE or Edge. Problems appears on Chrome or Mozilla, like when user complete the order and come to the end of process, when just need to press last time the button "I Confirm My Order" >> then nothing happened, like no postbacks. The page stays as it is. Thanks for help!
  3. @Ambassadors, was trying to upload uecookie.zip into version 1.6.11, but nothing happened?! The upload confirmation is successful, but the module is not on the list which I could enable it, or something...
  4. I had troubles in the past, and was not able to install the blog module. Today was download again the zip file >> change "primary to unique" under sql folder >> install.php. And, was able successful insall it. Prestashop version
  5. An error occurred during installation... You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by clicking here. 1: HTTP 500 - error - PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ICanBoogie\CLDR\ResourceNotFound: Path not defined: supplemental/codeMappings. in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\vendor\icanboogie\cldr\lib\WebProvider.php:77 Stack trace: #0 C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\vendor\icanboogie\cldr\lib\ProviderChainTrait.php(43): ICanBoogie\CLDR\WebProvider->provide('supplemental/co...') #1 C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\vendor\icanboogie\cldr\lib\ProviderChainTrait.php(43): ICanBoogie\CLDR\FileProvider->provide('supplemental/co...') #2 C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\vendor\icanboogie\cldr\lib\Repository.php(124): ICanBoogie\CLDR\RunTimeProvider->provide('supplemental/co...') #3 C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\vendor\icanboogie\cldr\lib\Supplemental.php(95): ICanBoogie\CLDR\Repository->fetch('supplemental/co...') #4 C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\src\Core\Cldr\Repository.php(301): ICanBoogie\CLDR\Supplemental->offsetGet('codeMappings') #5 C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\src\Core\Cldr\Repository.php(226) in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\prestashop\prestashop\vendor\icanboogie\cldr\lib\WebProvider.php on line 77 Same issue with the last version 1.7.1.
  6. Members, need urgent help, as not able to produce new orders from Back Office. For easier understanding I have attached Picture which show the issue. So, version is, and steps >> menu Orders >> new order >> the product search option sucessful return the product, but when I button Add To Cart, nothing happened. But, when I checked menu Shopping Carts the record is there but without selected product. Thanks in advance
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