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  1. Anyone? Please, I'd be really helpfull to know how to do that. We invested already in a couple modules, I'd find it very sad to have to look at other shop systems because of one missing feature... Was my explanation confusing? I'll try another approach: If the customer pays by paypal, the invoice should state that he did it. If the customer wishes to pay later, the invoice should say when the payment is du (i.e. in 10 days)
  2. Guys, is this possible with Prestashop at all? Bump
  3. Hello, our clients can pay by paypal, bank transfer or pick up the goods at store. We need the text showing up on the invoice template, depending on which payment option the customer elects to use, to state clear: The payment by paypal has been received (goods ready to ship or pick up) or Cash payment at store location or Bank wire transfer is awaited within 10 days (goods will be shipped after payment arrives) Pestashop version is I'm not sure if this is possible from PS itself or do we need a specific module? Thanks, Kris
  4. Dear scientists and engineers, in PrestaShop we also want to write invoices for customers buying on other selling platforms, amazon for instance. For this, we need to manually add a user with a known name and address but no email. Is there a way to disable email required field status for admin user account register? I guess I need to change a true to false, but I have no idea where to look for it... Running PS with transformer theme.
  5. Yes I thought it should go like this while completing the order. Unfortunately if I change it manually, the price autocorrect to original shop price as soon as cursor leaves the field. As a solution I have set up individual price for each product, based on customer-group... Thank you guys!
  6. We have a couple products listed on Amazon. Whenever they sell, we would use prestashop to manually generate the coresponding order and invoice. Prices in our shop are a bit lower than on Amazon, so it would be ideal to have the possibility to set a new price in the order-creating process to match the price paid by customer. Kind of override a shop price at the end. Is there a way to have it done within prestashop settings, or perhaps an installable module?
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