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  1. i've just changed the code to: function responsiveMenu() { if ($(window).width() <= 767 && responsiveflagMenu == false) { menuChange('enable'); responsiveflagMenu = true; } else if ($(window).width() >= 768) { menuChange('disable'); responsiveflagMenu = false; } } In the blocktopmenu.js file and uploaded it to the server. After that i've emptyed the cache.
  2. Yes i did clear the cache files ect. After i noticed de chanches didn't work, i put the original files back. Just in case i scrwed op something else.
  3. Thank you all! I've re-installed the complete module Horizontal Top Menu. This didn't fix the problem. I've copyed the JS file from Promomakerij.nl to Croford.com, this also didn't work. I've manualy added the missing lines to the JS file en chaned document into window..... didn't work. I've deleted all social media modules, but stil on the top of the page the facebook logo is on the site. I get the feeling the problem starts with that icon. As far as i can see, this not a module, but i also cant find the correct file in witch i could delete the info.
  4. i've forced compile and emptyt the cache. The design has changed but it still doesn't work on mobile devices.
  5. Thanks for the advice, i'vce replaced both CSS files (blocktopmenu.css & superfish-modified.css) and this doesn't do the job .
  6. i'm really sorry, i said www.promomakerij.nl but i meant www.croford.com. I'm working on two different site's at the moment and its a bit confusing . The menu from promomakerij.nl works perfectly fine, but the same menu from www.croford.com isn't working on mobile browsers. Sorry for the confussion.
  7. Sadly it still does't work. I've tryed it on my phone (android Huawei MAte S), the pc chrome browser, firefox and microsoft edge.
  8. Hello, When you visit my website www.promomakerij.nl on you're mobile, the module 'Top Horizontal Menu' doesn't work at all. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance
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