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  1. I believe I've found the issue with ours, I was getting muddled up between databases so that's why I couldn't find the order references, but the ps_invoice table hadn't been cleared so that was the main problem I'm not sure of the best way to sort it out, but I've managed to delete the old invoices numbers and keep my new ones. There are also other tables that needed sorting that I hadn't such as order_invoice_payment and order_payment Hope this helps
  2. Hello, I'm no expert on Prestashop and was asked a few weeks ago to clone one of our Prestashop websites and create another website with a different identity. It looked like I had ironed everything out, but I've noticed today that the new orders that are being placed have invoice and delivery details and pdfs from the old website 😳 I've deleted out quite a few tables like ps_invoice etc but it's still happening, and even though I can see correct order info eg products etc I can't search for the new order references in ps_orders?? 🤔 Please could someone help? I truncated a lot of tables from a post on here when I first cloned the website but I don't think it was enough 😣 Many thanks in advance for your time Annie
  3. Thanks for your help, I paid a freelancer to take a look and there was some code missing in the below admin file. controller > admin > AdminModulecontroller.php
  4. Oh sorry, yes it was in the server I couldn't find it. There doesn't seem to be any errors on the CPanel errors page? 🤔 i've got /logs and public_html/error_log but I can't see they're saying anything very helpful Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks Rhobur, looking it up would I find this in a var folder? I can't seem to see this in cpanel anywhere?? Thanks for this JBW, I've checked and these are the same. I thought we were onto something there
  6. Hello Rhobur Thanks for taking to time to reply Yes this file is in the controller folder. The website I cloned everything from is working fine, could it be that some modules aren't working because they're licensed to the other website? Many thanks Annie
  7. Hello, Sorry I'm no guru so please excuse my ignorance I've copied one of our websites as we wanted to use the current settings etc on a totally different domain. Most things are working, but when I try to access the modules in the backend a fatal error comes up as below Fatal error: Class 'AdminModulesController' not found in /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/classes/controller/Controller.php on line 134 line 134 is the 'return new $class' line below public static function getController($class_name, $auth = false, $ssl = false) { return new $class_name($auth, $ssl); } On the front end it's also saying the below, not sure if this helps or not...? Notice: Undefined index: connected_site in /home/xxxxxxxxx/public_html/modules/mailchimpintegration/mailchimpintegration.php on line 105 Please could someone help with this? We've got Prestashop Many thanks in advance Annie
  8. Can anyone help with this? When the customer group is changed to inc VAT the order line total pulls through inc VAT, which is what we need, so does anyone know how to change the columns on the product lines on the order? Many thanks
  9. We are having trouble with syncs to our external ordering system. When the orders.php file was written, our store was showing pricing inc VAT, but now we have changed in customer groups to show prices ex VAT. As a result, as below the orders are pulling through at T0 tax code. <SalesOrderLine> <eCommerceCode>120G-120G-07</eCommerceCode> <Code>120G-120G-07</Code> <Quantity>1</Quantity> <eCommerceItemID>516</eCommerceItemID> <ItemGross>10</ItemGross> <TaxCode>T0</TaxCode> </SalesOrderLine> Would someone be able to advise where to change this? In the orders.php file it shows the below (I did change tax_incl to tax_excl to see if it would make a difference) $order_details->order_lines[] = array( "sku" => $sku, "ecommerce_code" => $sku, "variant_code" => $sku, "external_item_id" => $line_detail->id_order_detail, "quantity" => $line_detail->product_quantity, "item_gross" => $line_detail->unit_price_tax_excl, "vat_code" => $format->GetVatCode($line_detail->tax_rate) Would it be the _product_line.tpl file that needs changing instead of the orders.php? Many thanks in advance!
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