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  1. For the second problem, you need to modify your theme template and/or the module. Unfortunately, it needs some programming skills to do it and I'm not sure I can help you right now with this, due to time constrains. For the first one, that's very odd... Do you have another cod module installed? It's strange that the two entries of cod fee display different names for the cod module.
  2. Any errors in any logs? I can't be of any help without more data. This error has been reported before as far as I remember, though I'm not sure about the cause. Is it happening to every order? Are there any other modules that might cause it, especially any courier modules?
  3. Since the cod is calculated correctly as shown on the second image, maybe a template issue for the confirmation page? If you go ahead with the purchase, is the cod applied normally?
  4. Well, that is not my module that you're trying to configure, it's the default prestashop cod module.
  5. Hi @mante80, thanks for the kind words. If I understood correctly, you need to go in the theme customization in your back office and tweak the layouts. For PS 1.7 is in Design->Theme & Logo and hit the button Choose Layouts. There, you should find module-codwfeeplus-validation and choose Full width.
  6. Hi @maccio, I would try to find what's common with these orders that give this message, to find a probable cause.
  7. I can't find these variables in the file lines it says. Have you changed the file 16123.php manually somehow?
  8. If the value you specify is without taxes, you have to add the tax in the percentage. So minimum fee should be €2.00 + (€2.00 * 21%) = €2.42 and the percentage if you want 1% should be 1% + (21% * 1%)=1.21% so for an order of €1000.00 the fee should be €12.10 (€10.00 for the fee and €2.10 for tax). For 10% fee the value should be 12.1% so the final fee is €121.00 (€100.00 fee + €21.00 tax).
  9. Hi, the module doesn't add the tax, the tax is specified so it can be visible in the invoice. The cod fee value you specify must include the tax.
  10. Hi @Coloranti, it seems I missed your post somehow... Which method of integration are you using? Are you adding the fee to the carrier or are you using a cod product? Try using the other one and see if this helps.
  11. You should create two conditions, the first setting the flat rate of €3 in FEE CALCULATION and the cart value is less or equal of €100 in VALIDATION RULES. The second should be set to 3% percentage and greater or equal of €100 respectively. Since the breakpoint is €100 for both conditions, you have two ways to define how the module will behave for an order of exactly €100. The first one is you can set the breakpoints at €99.99 for flat rate and €100 for percentage, or €100 for flat rate and €100.01 for percentage, depending on what you want. The second way, if you have both breakpoints at €100 and assuming you have the Behavior option set to "Apply the highest in the list, matching fee", the first condition in the list from top to bottom will be used, so if the flat rate condition is above the percentage, both having the breakpoint set to €100 and the cart's value is €100, the flat rate one will be applied. If you want something different above €600 (e.g. no fee) you need a third condition, according to the rules I wrote above,
  12. Hi @zahiras, what's the fatal error you're getting when you reset the cod product? Please enable debugging or have a look at your server's logs, it might be written there. Maybe you can uninstall and reinstall the module instead of resetting it? If you have already conditions set and you don't want to write them all over again, you can export your current condition list and import them after the reinstallation.
  13. Hi @TigranHak I tried to reproduce the error with my demo ps17 installation with no luck. It is true that if you change the payment method very rapidly, because of the multiple ajax requests that are generated, you might not get an accurate cart summary, but when you proceed with the order, having cod selected, I always get the cod fee applied at the final order. I would take a look at the order log from the codwfeeplus config page to see how the cod fee is calculated and also, I would check for errors in the server's logs to try to debug it.
  14. Hi @madito, did you upgrade your prestashop from a previous version? I have managed to install and run codwfeeplus to a fresh prestashop installation without any issues. It seems a column is missing from a table in your database. Specifically, the column "route_name" of the "ps_tab" table. Can you check if this column exists in your MySQL database? It should exist, as it exists in my fresh setup.
  15. Thanks for your kind words... I just made the module for a customer, because I couldn't find one to suit my needs, and I just wanted to give it back to the community to use it. It's becoming better and better (I hope) from your feedback in this forum. I do have a paypal donate button in the module's config page, but you don't have to donate anything, it's not necessary... I'll look it up and see what I can do for the issues you pointed out, I'm not sure it's an easy fix though, given that it's a little complicated to mess with the backoffice from a module. The most easy thing to do in the meantime, if it all right for you, is to manually add a COD product in the order when you edit it or create a new one. I'll probably try a different approach and have the option, in the module's config page, to be able to apply the cod method (along with the fees) to an existing order. So you'll be able to edit or add a new order and then go to the module's config page and, selecting the order, add the cod method and the appropriate fee.
  16. Just a note for others with the same problem... Selecting Download Zip from github won't work... You can go to Releases there to download the release you want.
  17. What's your PS version? Any chance your theme has installed something in the override folder?
  18. Are you using any kind of module for the checkout/verification pages? I entered your translation file into my test ps installation and it worked just fine...
  19. Are you translating for the correct theme? Have you checked if the translation files for your language are created? Try translating the module's translation directly and not a theme.
  20. The module name that appears in the invoice and the email is set in translations, in the CODWFEEPLUS section (the first one) and the english field name reads "Cash on delivery" (the third field). Changing that should be enough, no need to edit any files or database.
  21. Any details? Do you get an error? Prestashop version? There was an issue if debug mode was enabled with some PS versions, is it enabled on your installation?
  22. Hi @kokorase, Unfortunately, although it might look easy, what you're asking is a completely different module. Codwfeeplus is a payment module, the new one will be a shipping module. The new module should be built from scratch and although I can reuse some code from codwfeeplus, the functions it has to perform are very different. I'll give it a look as soon as I have some spare time.
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